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Job Completion

Documents submitted to Benchmark Documents Services for the legalization services are being verified and authenticated by the relevant authoritative & respective embassies with their own system and method available in the processing time of the documentation. Therefore, it varies from time to time and reserves all the rights to change rules and requirements without prior notifications to us or our agents and for which we would advise all the customers to check with us from time to time basis.

Non accredited/Duplicate documents

We provide only the legalization services and don’t verify the authenticity of the documents if not required from the issued country, its client’s responsibility to verify the accreditation and authenticity of the issued documents before the attestation process starts. It's the sole responsibility of the client for proving the genuineness of the certificate in case of verification required by the relevant authority or the embassies if the documents are not released back.

Certificate Handling

Legalization of the documents depends upon the countries practicing the legalization procedure, therefore it's not possible to avoid or add the requirements from the client's side. The certificates are legalized from the regional authority and embassies in large numbers, therefore not possible to deliver before the required time. Any kind of stamp or seal or staple pin or folding half done on the certificates are unavoidable in the attestation processes and Benchmark remains not responsible for just outcome or actions.

Lost Documents

The legalization process for UAE or apostille services is carried out from the issued countries, in the event of the missing partial document or lost certificates, we don't take responsibility arising out of this situation and are not liable for any compensation or deduction in the services fees.