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Certificate Attestation is required when enrolling in foreign universities or applying for a residence visa. Once you’ve gathered all the required documentation, you will need to have them attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to prove that they are genuine and valid. With these types of fraud, most entities worldwide will not accept documents without relevant attestation. Certificate Attestation is a procedure to confirm the authenticity and validity of the seal and signature on documents issued in the UAE or abroad. Our attestation services for UAE ensure that your documents are legally valid and accepted in the United Arab Emirates. An attested Degree Certificate, Attested Marriage Certificate and Attested Birth Certificate are mandatory for a UAE residency visa. People are put off by the idea of the document attestation process because it needs to be clarified, and this is where Benchmark Attestation Services comes in! We will process your entire Certificate Attestation and Apostille requirements and deliver your attested certificates without hassle.