Italy Certificate Attestation

Suppose you plan to move to the UAE from Italy for professional purposes. In that case, it's important to note that the UAE has an open immigration system that attracts thousands of professionals worldwide. However, the UAE government also exercises a degree of stringency regarding paperwork and documentation, including educational certificates.

To ensure that your documents are valid and recognised within the UAE, you need to have them authenticated or accredited by the relevant authorities. With this authentication, you may avoid difficulties when seeking employment, enrolling in schools, and renting real estate for lodging.

To avoid such challenges, having all your certificates and documents attested before coming to the UAE is highly recommended. It will ensure you can easily navigate the country without any unnecessary obstacles.

How do I Get an Apostille in Italy?

To get an Apostille in Italy, you can follow these steps:

  • Obtain the original document: You will need to obtain the original documents that require the Apostille. It could be a birth certificate, marriage certificate, power of attorney, or any other legal document.
  • Notarise the document: The document must be notarised by an Italian notary public. The notary will authenticate the documents by placing a stamp or seal.
  • Get the Apostille: Once the document is notarised, you must take it to the competent authority for Apostille. In Italy, the competent authority for Apostille is the Prefecture (Prefettura) or the Court of Appeal (Corte d'Appello), depending on the document type.
  • Pay the fee: You must pay a fee for the Apostille service.
  • Collect the Apostilled document: Once the Apostille has been issued, you can collect the documents from the Prefecture or Court of Appeal. The Apostille will be affixed to the original documents, certifying its authenticity.

How do I Legalise a Document in Italy for UAE?

  • Get the document notarised by a notary public or a competent authority in Italy.
  • Take the notarised document to the Prefettura or the Chamber of Commerce in the province where the notary public is registered for certification. The papers will be stamped with an Apostille, a form of authentication that makes the document valid for use in countries that are signatories to the Hague Convention.
  • After obtaining the Apostille, you must have the document translated into Arabic by a certified translator. You can find a list of accredited translators on the UAE Ministry of Justice website.
  • Once you have the translated document, you must take it to the UAE Embassy in Rome or the UAE Consulate General in Milan for further authentication. They will stamp the documents and issue a certificate of authentication.
  • Finally, you will need to take the authenticated document to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the UAE for further verification.

How do you Legalise Documents at the Italian Embassy in Dubai?

  • Have the document notarised by a competent authority in Dubai. It includes a notary public, a government agency, or a court.
  • Take the notarised document to the relevant authorities in Dubai, where it was issued, to authenticate it. Depending on the country's requirements, this may involve obtaining an Attestation or other certification form.
  • Translate the document into Italian or Arabic, depending on the embassy's requirements. The translation must be certified by a qualified translator.
  • Make an appointment with the Italian Embassy in Dubai and bring the original document, the authentication certificate, and the certified translation to the work. You must pay a fee for the legalisation service.
  • The embassy will review the documents, and if they are deemed acceptable, they will legalise the document by affixing a stamp and signature. This process can take several days, so allow enough time for the embassy to process your request.
  • Finally, you may need to have the document further authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai (MOFA Dubai) before using it in Italy.

Attestation Services in Italy Embassy in Dubai

The Italian Embassy in Dubai provides attestation services for certain documents issued in Italy that need to be used in the UAE. The requirements and process may vary depending on the document type and its intended use in the UAE. It is necessary to note that the embassy may have limited capacity for processing attestation requests, and specific fees may be associated with the process. Therefore, contacting the embassy or a professional attestation service provider like Benchmark Attestation Services is advisable to determine the exact requirements and procedure for the attestation of your document.

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