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Certificate Attestation Services, PRO Services, Business Setup Services, and Family Visa Services are what Benchmark Attestation Services provide.

Collection of documents for attestation process from clients, submission to Foreign Affairs of issuing country, Embassies, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai, and delivery of attested documents to clients are our responsibilities.

Benchmark handles all certificates and documents with care. It shall not be accountable or liable for anything outside the company's control – if couriers directly delivered the certificates to applicants, applicants' negligence led to loss or damages, storms, calamities, robbery, staples or compilation material from other countries’ attestation process, and any act out of our control.

Applicants accept that couriers for overseas, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, and Ajman, are third-party companies, and Benchmark is not a part of the couriers' operations and facilities – technically and physically. Any loss or damages will not be Benchmark's liabilities, including clients' passports, original certificates, or certified true copies.

Only concerned parties or authorities are involved in the attestation process. Any rejections and delays in processing by the authorities is neither Benchmark's responsibility nor liabilities, as we only assist clients in attestation completion through submitting to authorized organizations. Concerned parties have the right to refuse attestation of certificates or require additional credentials and information.

All information mentioned on this website and our services include but are not limited to governmental authority authentication of documents for employment or family residence visa purposes. Said information, processes, and guidance are for general information only and should not be a basis upon concluding a specific decision. Non-infringements are disclaimed and excluded.

Payments received by Benchmark are non-refundable, regardless of whether the certificates have already been attested or not.

Terms and conditions may be changed or canceled by Benchmark at any time without prior notice, and no staff is authorized to amend any part of it without Benchmark's approval.

Clients understand that some links provided by our website are linked to other third parties, which Benchmark has no control of, and clients agree that they have already exited Benchmark's website once they click those. Benchmark does not offer nor endorse any judgment or warranty and is not liable for any damage or violation of international and local laws by your visit to these sites.

Benchmark does everything to make the website presentable and smooth. However, we should not be liable for any technical error out of our control – temporarily unavailable, etc.

Terms and conditions are within the laws of the UAE. Any misunderstanding or disagreement regarding the services Benchmark provides to clients shall be excluded from the Dubai court's Jurisdiction. The clients confirm that they have understood and agreed to all the terms mentioned above and conditions before submitting certificates or documents.