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France Certificate Attestation

If you're thinking of traveling to France, you will need to get a long list of documents attested. Each of these attested documents is required by their ministries before they can approve your travel visas. So you might need a full range of documents that you should get attested before you begin applying.

Better safe than sorry, right?

Having said all of that, attestation for a French visa is a much simpler process since the country is part of the Hague Convention. The Hague Convention is a collection of countries that have come together to improve global ties. In that process, they've reduced the red tape involved and usually speed up the visa process considerably.

However, since the UAE is not a part of the Hague convention, you'll need to get your documents attested by relevant embassies before you can travel to France. As such, this can take a while to get done if you do it yourself.

Benchmark Attestation Services in Dubai can help you get your UAE or French documents attested and legalized by relevant authorities. Once you have your documentation all ready, there's nothing that stands between you and that trip to the cultural capital of the world.

Before your trip, the documents you should get attested include your school certificates, marriage certificates, training certificates, and much more.

An attested document is ensured to be valid and authentic by the country of origin. Embassies and visa-issuing authorities require attestation for the following reasons:

  • To verify your identity
  • Educational institutions sometimes require these as proof of your qualifications, and they need to work with the issuing authorities
  • Your employer might require these as proof of your skill and experience

The Attestation Process

Benchmark Attestation's team of attestation agents and professionals can identify your documentation requirements and help get them verified without a hitch. For the ease and comfort of anyone interested in our services, we follow the procedure mentioned below:

  • You send us your original certificates and copies of your passports. We will also receive them via courier services and inform you upon successful collection
  • We will then send the documents to the ministry of foreign affairs for legalization
  • From there, the documents will be sent to the embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Paris. The embassy will issue a legalization document as verification of your documents
  • The embassy will send these back to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to attest the certificate
  • Then they will be translated from French back to English and sent back to you.
French certificate attestation

French Certificate Attestation

You can figure out your accommodations, travel, and any other tasks required to plan out your trip throughout all this time. All this while our agents will be working on getting your documents legalized and verified.

Get in touch with us today for more information on French Certificate Attestation and legalizations for travel to France. Our agents are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have about the attestation process or inform you of your applications' progress.

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French certificate attestation

French Certificate Attestation

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