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MOFA Attestation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) is a governmental body in the United Arab Emirates responsible for a wide array of services, including the attestation of documents. MoFAIC is in charge of examining and approving documents created by other regional governmental bodies both within Dubai and through its international missions. Its attestation services encompass a broad spectrum of documents, ranging from personal to commercial, that have been issued either within the UAE or abroad.

What is MOFA attestation in the UAE?

MOFA attestation is a process to confirm the validity of the signature and seal on documents issued in the UAE or abroad. MOFA attestation in Dubai is a must for UAE residence visas.

Which documents are subject to attestation by MOFA?

MOFA Attestation is necessary for three primary types of certificates, categorised according to their characteristics, their purpose, and the specific government department involved in the attestation process. These categories are defined by their distinct nature and shared attributes. They include:

  • Educational Certificates
  • Personal Documents
  • Commercial Documents

What is the cost of the MOFA attestation fee in Dubai?

The MOFA attestation fee for attesting personal and educational certificates through MoFAIC, regardless of whether they were issued within the UAE or abroad, is set at AED 150 per document for personal documents, in addition to courier charges. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai (MoFAIC) applies these uniform rates for every category of document, irrespective of the place of issuance.

What is the cost of the MOFA Attestation Fee for Commercial Documents?

MOFA attestation fees for business-related documents, irrespective of their issuance within or outside the UAE, stand at AED 2,000 per document.

Which documents are not eligible for attestation by MOFA?

  • Emirates ID (National Identity Cards)
  • Passports in their original form
  • Documents related to domicile
  • Documents concerning immovable property

How can one navigate the MoFAIC app for the purpose of MOFA attestation?

To apply for document attestation in the UAE through the MoFAIC App, follow these steps:

  1. Install the MoFAIC application.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Access your account by logging in.
  4. Navigate to "My Tasks."
  5. Choose between "Business Services" or "Individual Services" based on your document type.
  6. Opt for the "Attest Official Document, Certificates" feature.
  7. Proceed with the required details.
  8. Upload the documents you need attested.
  9. Finalise your application by selecting a payment method and completing the transaction.

Contact information for MoFAIC:

Located in the Al Bateen district of Abu Dhabi, the main office of MoFAIC can be reached through their online inquiry portal or via the following contact methods:

Phone Number: 800-44444

Official Website:

Email address:

MOFA Document Submission and Retrieval Process:

To finalise the MOFA Attestation process in Dubai, residents can dispatch their documents to MOFA through courier service. After the attestation is finalised, the documents will be sent back. Additionally, individuals can go to any of the five specified MOFAIC attestation centres with their documents and proof of payment to complete the process.

  • Yas Tasheel Centre in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi
  • Al Tawar Centre is located in Al Twar 2, Dubai.
  • Emirates Towers, situated in Dubai
  • The Dubai office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, located in Bur Dubai
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Customer Happiness Centre in Sharjah

*In accordance with COVID protocols, individuals are not allowed to submit documents directly or by visiting any branches in person. Submissions must be made through a recognised attestation agency or registered courier service until MoFAIC UAE issues further instructions.

How long does it take for a MOFA attestation?

Regardless of submitting a personal, educational, or commercial certificate for MOFA Attestation in Dubai, the processing time by MoFAIC may extend up to two business days. Standard courier services may require an additional 4 to 5 business days for delivery, whereas express service guarantees next-day delivery.

What are the benefits of MOFA attestation in Dubai?

  • MOFA Attestation streamlines the process and reduces costs by removing the requirement for document notarization or legalisation.
  • It verifies the authenticity and validity of the original document presented.
  • The attestation by MOFA facilitates swift processing and document submission without the necessity of engaging with various agencies.
  • Documents attested by MOFA enhance the credibility of your business, making it appear more legitimate and reliable to prospective clients.
  • Proper attestation of your documents improves your likelihood of successful dealings with legal entities in Dubai.

Standard of Excellence: Top MOFA Attestation Services in Dubai

You have the option to manage the MOFA attestation process on your own or engage a trusted and cost-effective attestation agency to streamline the entire procedure. Benchmark Attestation Services stands out as a reliable provider, offering premier MOFA attestation services in Dubai upon which you can rely for the prompt return of your attested documents. We guarantee the timely attestation of your documents by MOFA Dubai.

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