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Birth Certificate Attestation

What is a birth certificate?

A birth certificate is the only form of identification for children. It contains the child's legal name, place of birth, and the names and details of the parents. As such, a birth certificate is essential to any applications you fill out for your child in the future, at least until they come of age. Birth certificate attestation for the UAE is crucial if you want to use the document for a UAE residence visa or for official purposes. The attestation process involves verifying the document's authenticity and ensuring that it meets the requirements set by the UAE authorities.

Why is birth certificate attestation required for a UAE visa?

Authorities in the UAE may ask for your attested birth certificates for these common purposes:

  • Getting married in the UAE
  • Giving birth in the UAE
  • Applying for a spouse residence visa in Dubai
  • Applying for a children’s residence visa in Dubai
  • Applying for a visa abroad at different embassies in the UAE
  • Admissions to Nurseries in the UAE

Procedure for Attesting a Birth Certificate Issued Outside the UAE:

  • Obtain a copy of the birth certificate from the issuing authority in your home country. The document must be original and notarized.
  • Get the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) in your home nation to attest to the birth certificate. This involves submitting the original document, a copy of your passport, and any other required documents for MOFA attestation.
  • Once the Foreign Affairs Department in your home country attests the birth certificate, you must take it to the UAE embassy or UAE consulate in your home country for further attestation.
  • After the UAE embassy attestation of the birth certificate, it must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

Purpose of Attesting a Birth Certificate Issued Inside the UAE:

  • For children born in the UAE who are foreign nationals, an attested birth certificate is essential to obtaining a passport.
  • To facilitate the visa application process for the child.
  • Required for school enrolment.
  • Essential for migration purposes.
  • It is needed for name modifications in educational institutions or government records in the future.

What Documents Are Required for Birth Certificate Attestation in the UAE?

For us to get your birth certificate attested, we will require you to present us with the following documents:

  1. Original Birth Certificate
  2. The parents' passport copies
  3. A visa copy of the applicant and the parents
  4. Authorization letters requesting the attestation of the birth certificate
  5. Passport-sized photographs

It's important to note that the requirements and process of birth certificate attestation in the UAE may vary depending on the specific authority or department where you intend to use the document. It's always a good idea to check with the relevant authority or consult a legal professional to ensure you have completed all the necessary steps and requirements.

How Can I Attest My Child's Birth Certificate for the UAE?

A birth certificate is a crucial form of identification for children in the UAE, and attesting it is essential for legal or official purposes. The process involves obtaining a copy from the issuing authority, getting it attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and submitting it to the UAE embassy or consulate. The UAE authorities may ask for attested birth certificates for various purposes, including applying for a visa in Dubai. During attestation, your documentation passes through checks and balances enforced by each department.

Benchmark Attestation Services in Dubai can help you with birth certification procedures by taking on the hassle of dealing with government agencies. Our agents are thoroughly professional in getting attestation for various documentation, including birth certificate legalization. We ensure that our customer representatives are within reach 24 hours a day for any questions our clients might have about their applications' procedures or progress.

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