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Indian Certificate Attestation

Indian Certificate Attestation is a process of verifying the authenticity of Indian documents for legal or immigration purposes, such as employment or study abroad, or for personal reasons, such as marriage registration or visa applications. The process involves verifying the documents by the relevant authorities in India and the country where the certificates need to be used.

The following are some of the Indian certificates that require attestation for use in the UAE:

  • Educational certificates: These include certificates of education, degrees, diplomas, mark sheets, and transcripts.
  • Non-Educational Certificates: These include marriage certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, and police clearance certificates.

What is the process for Indian Certificate Attestation for UAE?

  1. Notarisation by a Notary Public from India.
  2. Home Department Attestation in India.
  3. Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Attestation in India.
  4. UAE Embassy Attestation in India.
  5. UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Attestation in the UAE.
Indian certificate attestation

Indian Certificate Attestation

What documents are required for Indian Certificate attestation?

The following are the documents required for certificate attestation for the UAE:

  • Original certificate
  • Passport copy of the certificate holder
  • Passport copy of the sponsor (if applicable)
  • Visa copy of the certificate holder
  • Visa copy of the sponsor (if applicable)
  • Letter from the sponsor (if applicable)
  • Power of attorney (if applicable)

How to get Documents Attested by Indian Embassy in Dubai?

  • Fill out the application form available on the Indian Embassy's website or at the embassy.
  • Gather the required documents and ensure they are attested by the relevant authorities in India.
  • Pay the appropriate fees for attestation.
  • Submit the documents in person or through a representative at the Indian Embassy in Dubai.
  • Collect the attested copies once the embassy completes the attestation process.

What documents are attested by the Indian embassy in Dubai?

  • 1. Educational Documents, such as degrees, diplomas, mark sheets, and other academic certificates
  • Non-Educational Documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, police clearance certificates, affidavits, and other non-educational certificates
  • Commercial Documents, such as certificates of origin, invoices, packing lists, and other commercial documents
  • Power of Attorney documents needs to be notarised in India and attested by the MEA before being authenticated by the Indian Embassy in Dubai.

Why is Certificate Attestation in India Required for UAE Visa?

  • Certificate attestation is mandatory for UAE employment visa applications.
  • It ensures the authenticity and genuineness of Indian documents.
  • It prevents fraud and forgery of documents.
  • The UAE government requires attestation to verify the qualifications and identity of visa applicants.
  • Without attestation, Indian documents may not be recognised as valid by the UAE government and can result in visa application rejection.

Certificate Attestation Services from Indian Embassy in Dubai

Benchmark Attestation Services also assists with attestation from the Indian Embassy in Dubai. Suppose you need to use your documents for India; we will process MOFA Attestation in Dubai on your certificates and then submit it to the Indian Embassy in Dubai for further legalisation.

Send us your certificate copies, and we will share a free quote! Call us at our hotline at +971 52 888 4714 or +971 4 396 1284.

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Indian certificate attestation

Indian Certificate Attestation

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