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Attestation Services in Dubai


Q1. What is MOFA Attestation?

Ans: MOFA Attestation is mandatory for those who need to use their degree certificates in the UAE. MOFA Attestation is getting an official stamp of approval on your documents for use in the UAE. MoFAIC stands for Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and its attestation involves verifying and authenticating documents. Here are the general steps to get your certificates attested by MOFA Dubai:
1. Get your documents certified by a public notary or the relevant authority in your home country.
2. Send your certificates to your home country's UAE embassy or consulate for verification and attestation.
3. Once the UAE Embassy has attested your certificates, send your attested certificates to the MOFA Dubai, along with the required fees and application form.
4. Wait for the MOFA Attestation process to be completed, which usually takes a few days.
5. Collect your attested certificates from the MoFAIC UAE.
In Dubai, MOFA Attestation can be done through various channels, including courier, or through a certificate attestation agency. Seeking professional advice is always a good idea to ensure your certificates are attested on time and meet all the requirements.

Q2. What is Certificate Attestation?

Ans: Certificate Attestation is a procedure to confirm the validity of the seal and signature on certificates issued abroad and proves that they are genuine. The Certificate Attestation process involves verifying the document with a series of stamps and signatures from various authorities, such as the Home Department, the Ministry of External Affairs of the issuing country, and the embassy or consulate of the receiving country.

When you are moving to the UAE, applying for a job, admitting your child into a new school, or applying for a family residence visa in the UAE, you must process Certificate Attestation for UAE. The attestation of certificates process applies to any applicant looking to work, study, and live in the UAE.

Failing to submit attested certificates can strict you from being admitted into educational institutions, being hired by a company, legally immigrating, and working in the UAE. It would be best to process your degree, birth, marriage and police clearance certificate before you move to the UAE with your family.

Q3. Is Certificate Attestation required for UAE Visa?

Ans: Yes, Certificate Attestation is mandatory for a UAE Visa. An attested Certificate is necessary for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for many reasons. Certificate Attestation is a must for UAE for the following reasons:
Family Visa UAE: To obtain a family visa in the UAE, applicants must submit attested birth and marriage certificates. It must be verified their authenticity and ensure the relevant authorities issued them.
Employment Visa: Employers in the UAE require job applicants to provide attested educational and work experience certificates. It is to verify the applicant's documents and to ensure that they meet the requirements for the job.
Higher education: Students seeking admission to universities or colleges in the UAE must provide attested educational certificates to prove they completed their previous education.
Business Setup: Entrepreneurs who wish to establish a business or invest in the UAE may be required to provide attested documents such as company registration, commercial certificates and financial records.

Q4. What are Stages of Certificate Attestation?

Ans: • State Attestation: State Attestation is simply a validation from a state institution that guarantees the authenticity of a document.Ministry of Education department is responsible for attesting educational certificates – degree certificate attestation, diploma attestation, transcript attestation, etc.General administration departments usually process personal certificates – marriage certificate attestation, birth certificate attestation, etc.When applying for immigration, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation is required.

• Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation: Any documents for abroad use (for immigration, education, etc.) must have MOFA Attestation. These include original papers and certified true copies. Citizens of countries from the Hague Convention will need to ask for Apostille authentication from the Ministry of External Affairs.

• Embassy Attestation: After the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation, we will send them to the embassy (of the country you’re looking to move to) for its signature/stamp of approval. Suppose you are moving to the UAE. We will process UAE Embassy Attestation.

Q5. What is the purpose of Apostille Attestation?

Ans: An apostille authentication is a type of legalization issued on documents for use in the more than 110 nations participating in the Hague Convention.

If you send the documents to a country that does not participate in the Hague Convention, the documents must be “certified” or “authenticated.”

An Apostille can be provided for: corporate paperwork (trade license, certificate of incumbency, memorandum and articles of association), power of attorneys, educational documents (diploma and transcript attestation), experience certificate, police certificate, marriage certificates, and more.

Apostille authentication and certificate attestation are long and stressful processes. Benchmark Attestation will do the hard work for you. Hand in the original copies of your papers (diplomas, certificates, etc.) and your passport photos, and leave the rest to us!

Q6. how do I get Police Clearance Certificates in Dubai?

Ans: You can obtain a PCC in Dubai by following the steps below:
1. Visit the Dubai Police website at and look for the "Services" section. Under the services section, select "Police Clearance Certificate" option.
2. Register for an account: You need to create an account on the portal using UAE pass. You need to provide your personal details.
3. Fill out the application form: You need to provide your personal details and upload your passport copy and visa page.
4. Pay the fee: The fee for the PCC is AED 220. You can pay the fee online through the Dubai Police website.
5. Submit the application: You will receive a reference number for your online application that you can use to track the status of your application.
6. Collect the certificate: Once your application is processed, you can collect the PCC from the Dubai Police by e-mail.
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Attestation of Certificates and Why Is It Required?

Attestation of Certificates is the process of verifying the authenticity of a document, ensuring that it is genuine and issued by the relevant authorities. In Dubai, certificate attestation is necessary for various purposes, such as immigration, education, employment, business, and legal procedures. Here are some of the reasons why certificate attestation is required in Dubai:

1. UAE Residence Visa: Certificate attestation is mandatory for obtaining a residence visa in UAE for immigration to Dubai or other countries. The immigration authorities need to verify the authenticity of your attested personal documents, like birth and marriage certificates, to ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for the visa.

2. Employment: Certificate attestation is mandatory for job applications in Dubai or other countries. Employers need to verify their employees' educational, professional, or personal documents to ensure that they meet the job requirements and possess the necessary skills and qualifications.

3. Education: Certificate attestation is mandatory for pursuing higher education or enrolling in a school or college in Dubai or other countries. Educational institutions need to verify the authenticity of your academic certificates to ensure that you meet the admission criteria and possess the necessary qualifications.

4. Business: Certificate attestation is necessary for starting a business or opening a bank account in Dubai or other countries. The authorities must verify the authenticity of your business registration and financial or legal documents to ensure you comply with the regulations and laws.

5. Legal procedures: Certificate attestation is compulsory for legal proceedings in Dubai or other countries, such as court cases or property transactions. The courts and legal authorities need to verify the authenticity of your legal or personal documents to ensure they are valid and legally binding.

Certificate attestation is a crucial step in the document verification process. Getting it done correctly and on time is essential to avoid delays or rejections in your applications. It is advisable to consult a professional attestation agency in Dubai, like Benchmark Attestation Services, to handle your certificate attestation process efficiently and accurately.

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Benchmark Attestation Services provides all kind of documents attestation services. Whether it's in-country or foreign.

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