USA Certificate Attestation

You must get attested if you wish to use your US-issued documents in the UAE. The government of the UAE doesn’t recognize any document or certificate issued in the USA unless it is certified. Any USA certificates must be attested in the US first and then in the UAE. The process is simple, but it can be time-consuming due to recent covid restrictions.

The attestation of US certificates gives it a seal of approval that it is authentic and genuine. It verifies that the certificate holder is what they claim to be, and also known as embassy legalization, the attestation of the US birth, marriage certificate, and degrees certificates are essential if you wish to move to the UAE or are applying for a job visa or higher education in the UAE. People from other countries also must go through their certificate and degree attestation in the UAE. Therefore, most people use professional US Attestation Services for this task. Benchmark Attestation is one of the leading companies offering US Certificate attestation in Dubai. We have been helping people looking for certificate attestation services for many years. People from different countries prefer us to our competitors because of the premium quality service at reasonable rates.

How do I get my US documents attested for UAE?

  • Translation services into English / Arabic (if required)
  • Notary Public Attestation in the USA
  • Authentication by the Secretary of State in the USA
  • Authentication by the Department of State in the USA
  • UAE Embassy Attestation in the USA
  • MOFA Attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE

Getting a US Document Attested for UAE through Benchmark Attestation Services:

Attesting US documents depends on the certificate type. Each certificate will first submit to the respective authority in the US. It can get quite stressful when you aren’t familiar with UAE’s attestation process. Our expert team will provide a brief overview of the US attestation process if you send us a soft copy of your credentials. Your US Certificate Attestation will have to make several stops before it is officially attested.

The lack of organization can lead to rejection, which wastes time and money. We can complete the attestation for you in a matter of weeks. Attesting USA certificates consists of the following steps:

Step 1: The translation process

Translation from a regional language to English or Arabic isn’t always required, but sometimes, they can help move the attestation process. If we advise that translating your marriage or birth certificate can benefit you, we suggest you translate the document. We work with reliable legal translation companies to translate your papers according to UAE laws.

Step 2: Send the Certificates to a Notary Public in the USA

After the translation is completed, we’ll send it to the USA using a trusted courier service. Our partners will take your certificate to a Notary Public, sign and stamp it as proof of its authenticity.

Step 3: Send the Certificates to the Regional Secretary of State in the USA

All legal documents will need to be sent to the Secretary of State for authentication in the US.

Step 4: Send the Certificates to the Department of State in the USA

After the Secretary of State has attested to your certificate, we’ll submit it to the Department of State. This will be the final stamp from US authorities.

Step 5: Send the Certificates to the UAE Embassy in Washington

Once the US authorities have approved, we will send the degree to the UAE embassy in Washington.

Step 6: Send the Degree to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the UAE

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides the final stamp of approval for the attestation of all documents. After MOFA attests to the degree, you can use it to apply for a visa.

Which US documents are all attested for UAE Residence Visa?

Contact us today for US Apostille Services or US Certificate Attestation in Dubai. If you choose Benchmark Attestation for your US Certificate Attestation in Dubai, you will only need to provide us with your original certificate and a copy of your passport we will take care of the rest.