Lebanon Certificate Attestation

Several people from Lebanon are residing in the UAE as the country offers vast opportunities, especially for foreigners. The United Arab Emirates and Lebanon are not members of the Hague Convention (Apostille countries), meaning there needs to be more than an Apostille attestation accepted in both countries.

Lebanese Certificate Attestation is legalizing Lebanon files to be considered authentic and legal locally and internationally. You can do the certification on different Lebanon documents and other certificates that need to be authenticated depending on your purpose.

Some Purposes of Attestation

  • Giving Birth in the UAE
  • Equivalency Certificate Application in the Ministry of Education
  • Getting married in the UAE
  • Applying for a UAE Visa
  • Golden Visa Application in UAE

Some Procedures that may be Required

  • Corporate Document Attestation – Trade License, Power of Attorney, Board Resolutions.
  • Attestation of Degree Certificate from Lebanon
  • Legalization of Police Clearance Certificate
  • Birth Certificate Authentication in Lebanon
  • Lebanese Marriage Certificate Legalization
  • Lebanon Educational Documents Certification – Transcript, Diploma, Transfer Certificates.
  • Salary Certificate Attestation
  • Verification of Experience Certificates

Attestation Process in Lebanon

Lebanon issues Arabic documents, which means that sometimes, a legal translation will be required depending on which country you use. A legal translation of documents has the translator's name and seal on it and the name of the firm they work for.

Let's talk about attesting documents from Lebanon for the UAE employment and residence visas.

Step #1 – Certified True Copy of the Original document

This applies to Lebanon's educational documents attestation process. Certified true copies are accepted in different countries if the document has the original legalization signatures, stamps, or seal. You must present the original paper in the authentication offices for civil status documents like Lebanon marriage certificates, birth certificates, and death certificates.

Step #2 – Attestation of certificates at the Ministry of Higher Education

With this service, students can apply for Official Exam papers, authentication of true copies thereof, authentication of public and private school certificates, and authentication of work experience of male and female teachers through any Liban Post office.

Step #3 – Attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Lebanon

After verifying the document's authenticity, the Lebanon Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants will certify your document. This will allow you to submit your Lebanon files to any embassy or consulate in the country or government offices abroad.

Step #4 – UAE Embassy Attestation in Lebanon

Once you have the MOFA Lebanon attestation stamp, the UAE Embassy in Beirut will recognize and accept your document for authentication. Legalization from the UAE Embassy is the final process in Lebanon.

Step #5 – Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai Attestation

The first and only attestation you need inside the United Arab Emirates will be MOFA Attestation Dubai. After you get your attested document, you can already apply for a UAE visa.

You may need to do other authentication processes depending on your purpose. Suppose you will get married here in the UAE. Some must do a Ministry of Justice Attestation (MOJ) on their legal translations and then MOFA Dubai Attestation for the final stamping.

Lebanon Embassy Attestation

Benchmark Attestation Services also assists with attestation from the Lebanon Consulate in Dubai if you need to use your documents for Lebanon. Suppose you have a UAE degree and need to use it in Lebanon. We will process MOFA Dubai Attestation on your copy and then submit it to the Lebanon Consulate Dubai for legalization.

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