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Indian Degree Certificate Attestation

Indian Degree Certificate Attestation is mandatory to pursue a job or higher study or apply for family residency in Dubai. The UAE government has set strict guidelines for allowing anybody to work or settle there. The Indian document attestation procedure is not easy; there are guidelines from different ministries and authorities that you'll need to know and comply with.

Procedure for Certificate Attestation in India

Here is a detailed, step-by-step guide that will give you a clear idea of the entire Indian attestation process:

Step #1 Notary Public Attestation from Mumbai, India

Notary Public attestation is the initial legalization in the whole Indian degree attestation process to eliminate fake certificates. A notary is a legally authorized person who puts their seal and signature after checking and verifying documents given to them. They can be deputed by either the state or the central department.

Step #2 HRD Attestation from State Government Department

After your certificates are notarized, the Human Resource Department of the state government that issued them must certify the documents. After the concerned state authority attests it, it is submitted to MEA for further attestation in India.

Step # 3 Authentication from the Ministry of External Affairs in Delhi, India

You must authenticate the documents from India's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It legalizes a degree certificate only after it has the seal and signature from the respective state/union territory. Once you have MEA Attestation in India, any embassy or consulate will accept your document for further authentication stamping.

Step # 4 UAE Embassy Attestation in India

Next, the attested Indian degree certificate is sent to the UAE Embassy in Delhi for legalization. Here, you should note that the submitted degree certificate should be authenticated by the Consular Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, India, then by the Consular Section, Vasant Kunj. Documents can be submitted between 9 to 2 p.m. Monday to Thursday and 9 to 12 a.m. Friday.

Step # 5 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation in Dubai

Lastly, the attested copy of the degree certificate is forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE for final attestation. The UAE government will accept your documents for visa processing once you have the MOFA Attestation in Dubai.

How can I get Degree Attestation from Indian Embassy in Dubai?

Indian degree certificate attestation by the Indian Embassy in Dubai involves verifying the authenticity of Indian educational documents. The process begins with attestation by the Education Department of India's respective State or Union Territory. Subsequently, the certificate is attested by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in India. Once the MEA attestation is completed, the certificate is submitted to the Indian Embassy in Dubai for further verification. The embassy verifies the MEA attestation and provides attestation to confirm the certificate's authenticity. The attested certificate is utilized for employment, higher education, or immigration in Dubai. It is always recommended to consult with the Indian Embassy in Dubai for specific requirements and the most up-to-date information regarding the attestation process.

Documents Required for Indian Degree Certificate Attestation

  • Original Degree Certificate
  • Passport Copy

Attestation Services in Dubai for India

Degree Attestation in India takes time, and we pride ourselves on offering the most cost-effective and efficient Indian certificate attestation services to address your issues.

Furthermore, any Indian college functioning outside of India, such as Amity University, BITS Pilani, Anna University, Bangalore University, Mangalore University, Punjab University, etc., are predominantly certified and enrolled in India. Consequently, the certificates issued from these colleges must be attested by the Indian Authorities and the UAE Embassy for the employment visa in the UAE. Therefore, attested certificates are essential for all professional jobs under the Ministry of labour law in the UAE.

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