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The UAE has quickly become one of the most desirable places to live in, especially over the last two decades. Known for its vast lying deserts and magnificent skylines, the Emirates is a land of infinite possibilities. From countless career and academic opportunities to the overall high quality of living the UAE provides, it's not surprising that more and more people from across the world are moving there.

While the UAE offers several opportunities for individuals to pursue their dreams, one thing that creates a bit of a hassle when it comes to moving here: certificate attestation.

What Is Certificate Attestation?

Certificate attestation refers to the process of legalizing documents that need to be submitted to the embassy. It's the first and foremost step required by individuals who wish to travel to the UAE for higher education, business, employment, or immigration. Certificate attestation verifies that the documents provided are genuine and authorized from the relevant offices and departments.

In other words, attestation is verifying the documents by inserting the seal or stamp on the certificates. This allows the legal system in the UAE to recognize the authenticity of these documents.

Certificate attestation for UAE requires the involvement of various authorized governments and non-governmental organizations. The process varies from one country to another and is also dependent on the nature of the certificate itself.

Certificate attestation is not the same thing as notarization when documents are notarized only in the presence of a notary public. Attestation involves the documents undergoing a process involving various bodies of authority so that a country can agree and acknowledge that they are indeed authentic.

What Documents Do You Need To Submit For Certificate Attestation?

Generally, certificate attestation in the UAE follows a standard procedure. You'll need to get in touch with some certificate issuing authorities and ones overseeing them in both the UAE and in the country of origin. These include:

  • The issuer of the original certificate in the originating country
  • Government authorities that supervise the certificate issuing authorities
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE as well as the originating country
  • The UAE Embassy

To obtain your UAE visa, you'll be required to submit specific documents, depending on the nature of the visa you're seeking. Below are a few types of visas and the documents you'll need to submit for attestation:

Resident Visa: Birth certificate, marriage/single status certificate, bank statement, passport copies, police clearance certificate, covering letter, &good conduct certificate.

Employment Visa: Birth certificate, medical certificate, resume/CV, income certificate, covering letter, relieving letter, bank statement, & degree certificate.

Student Visa: Degree certificate, transfer certificate, covering letter, HSC/SSC certificate, previous school ID card, school leaving certificate, a Bonafide letter & cover letter.

You may also be asked to submit other documents such as copies of your passport and national identification card, as well as certain original documents.

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