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Attestation Services In Dubai

With globalization, Dubai has become a hub of career, academic, and leisure opportunities. There is an increased demand for skilled human resources throughout the UAE, and expats find several reasons to travel to Dubai, be it for work opportunities, higher education, or residency. However, moving to Dubai requires you first to attest all your important documents, which can be done easily with the help of attestation services. The requirements vary based on the purpose of your move but generally include various types of certificate attestations.

So, what exactly is certificate attestation?

It’s a process used to verify the authenticity and accuracy of your documents. Before you move to a foreign city (in this case, Dubai), you need to have attested documents to ensure the believability of your certificates. It is required for career opportunities, business purposes, and personal reasons for moving to Dubai.

Typically, certificate attestation can be categorized into the following three types:

  • Educational certificate attestation
  • Non-educational attestation
  • Commercial certificate attestation

Educational Certificate Attestation

For this process, you’ll need to contact the relevant education department of the state that issued the certificate in the first place. Educational certificate attestation is required to verify your diploma certificates, degree certificates, SSLC certificates, and HSC certificates.

Non- Educational certificate attestation

This type of certificate attestation is reserved for both personal and professional certificates. You’ll need to contact the Home Affairs Department or another relevant state department from where the certificate was initially issued. Non-educational certificate attestation includes verification of birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, transfer certificates, and experience certificates.

Commercial Certificate Attestation

The Chamber of Commerce needs to be contacted to verify various commercial certificates for commercial certificate attestation. These typically have to do with liabilities, property derails, ownership, and financial assets. Some examples of commercial certificate attestation include invoice attestation, power of attorney attestation, and certificate of incorporation attestation.

Attestation Services in Dubai

Finding a reliable and trustworthy attestation service in UAE isn’t a piece of cake. It can be downright overwhelming to find an agency that not only is trustful but also specializes in document attestation.
When getting your certificates attested before the big move, you need to ensure that your documents are all legally certified. The last thing you want is to arrive in Dubai only to find that your certificates haven’t been appropriately attested. This can lead to many consequences such as hefty fines, imprisonment, loss of employment, business deals, accommodation, and even deportation.

At Benchmark Attestation Services, we can help you through this entire process hassle-free! With our experienced agents and global connections, we can expedite the entire procedure and help you get your documents properly attested in no time. Our attestation services are efficient, reliable, and affordable, making them the perfect choice for individuals moving to Dubai. We also offer our attestation services in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and other cities within the UAE.

Get in touch with our team now to learn more about our process and get your certificates attested on time!

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