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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Benchmark Attestation Services (known as 'Benchmark Documents Services LLC') is an authorized attestation company in the UAE with partners worldwide to collect and process certificates and documents for visa, travel, employment, business, and educational purposes; limited to non-judgmental function. Benchmark Documents Services acts as processors through attestation processing, and authorized organizations are the document and data controllers.

The privacy policy states how Benchmark collects, processes, uses, and manages clients' information that requires attestation and visa services and makes it available to concerned authorities for the below purposes.

Purpose of collection, disclosure, etc. of Personal Information

Personal information and details may be required from clients like names, addresses, passport numbers, ID numbers, birth dates, contact numbers, certificate numbers, etc. The information asked and collected from clients is authorized by the concerned authorities and organizations for processing purposes.

Personal information may be collected, asked, used, and disclosed to process the certificate attestation and visa applications, but not limited to:

  • Answer to inquiries on the attestation process in general
  • Answer to queries status of the process done with Benchmark
  • Offer or give any other services as per the authorized organizations' requirements.

Clients voluntarily provide their information. However, any refusal to give personal information may affect the attestation process provided by Benchmark.

Benchmark Documents Services may give information to the organization for queries related to the attestation process in general, such as couriers, foreign affairs abroad, UAE Embassies, e-mail, etc.

  • Inquiry about certificate attestation process: Clients who have inquiries about the attestation process, in general, do not need to give any personal information.
  • Inquiry about the progress of the clients’ submissions:

Clients who follow up regarding the progress of their certificate attestations submitted to Benchmark can mention their last name and which certificate they have submitted to receive an update about their submission.

Clients may be asked to provide personal information like e-mail address, family name, contact number, etc.

  • Clients who have inquiries about their certificate submissions should not give any private information – passport number, ID number, etc. when communicating by e-mail with Benchmark or any of its third parties. Given name and family name and which type of certificate they submitted would be recommended. Benchmark is not obligated to answer e-mails with such content disclosed, and any misuse of such information shall be the clients' risk.

We may keep conversations with clients for Benchmark's reference in processing for quality purposes.

Disclosures of Personal Information:

Benchmark must not sell, trade, or rent clients' personal and private information. Benchmark will only disclose personal information for the attestation processing purpose or when necessary to use in a Governmental organization or department for criminal investigations, judicial matters, or anything related to security.

Service Provider Arrangements:

Benchmark may disclose personal information to third-party service providers like couriers, local and international government agencies, embassies, etc. The information we will provide will be the only ones necessary for attestation processes. Third parties are not authorized to sell, use, disclose, share, and spread personal information for their organization or purpose.


Cookies may be kept or stored on internet devices or systems of clients or site visitors. Benchmark uses cookies for the smooth selection and loading time of the website. Benchmark cannot personally nor identify the visitors from cookies.

  • Cookies allow some features of our website to function.
  • Benchmark uses mainly 'session cookies,' which will be deleted from the clients/visitors' systems when they exit our website. However, 'persistent cookies' are not automatically removed. Visitors may see links from third parties that Benchmark has no control of.

Clients and visitors accept Benchmark's website's cookies once accessed. If clients prevent cookies, they should not visit our website. However, disabled cookies hinder a visitor's experience on our site.


  • Benchmark does not tolerate spam.
  • Visitors should not use Benchmark tools for spam or anything that will violate the terms and conditions of the organization and its clients.
  • Benchmark prevents viruses by using licenses and virus scanners before sending attachments or e-mails to clients.
  • Benchmark does not sell or trade e-mail addresses to any individual, organization, or third parties.
  • Clients or visitors are not authorized to access, hack, or use our website for personal or malicious purposes. Any person who tries to do so will be apprehended.

Please send an e-mail to to report any spam issues.

Benchmark has protective measures and software to keep clients' personal and private information safe. We maintain an excellent safeguard for any technical issues. However, Benchmark should not be liable for unauthorized people's misuse, destruction, or unlawful actions.

Retention & Destruction of Personal Information:

Certificates and information collected from clients will not be kept nor copied by Benchmark unless obliged by Governmental organizations or if it's within the lawful procedure.

We may keep their personal information in the system for follow-up queries from clients for reference or future transactions. No passport or certificate will be retained in office for more than 30 days unless the attestation procedure in a particular country will take more than 30 days.

Benchmark has secure equipment for filing – computers, flash drives, filing cabinets, etc. to store personal information needed for the attestation process without giving any access to unauthorized persons.


Benchmark and our third-party service providers may give personal information for legal purposes – search warrant, warrant of arrest, etc., to cooperate with law enforcers or respond to an order or court.

Third-Party Links

Benchmark's website may contain links to sites that boost services or products that we do not operate. These links are paid advertisements and are not confirmed by Benchmark. When clicked voluntarily or seen, Links given do not mean Benchmark endorses the company and their services or products. Clients or users are requested to take precautions when clicking links on our website. Benchmark and all our staff should not be responsible or liable for any content of third-party websites.

Websites have different disclaimers, terms and conditions, and privacy statements. Benchmark recommends its site's visitors and clients to read and review those parts when clicking some links. Benchmark does not operate any third-party websites and should not have liabilities within another website's practices or information.

To Personal Information

Disclosure of personal and private information is voluntary. Users and clients giving this information must read and understand Benchmark's terms and conditions, disclaimer, and privacy policy. Consent of Benchmark's use and disclosure of their data to third parties – couriers, embassies, consulates, etc., should be agreed on as per our Privacy Policy. Users and clients can withdraw their consent before Benchmark discloses their personal information to the Government, Embassies, Consulates, Foreign Affairs, and important organizations in processing attestations.

Users and clients can request access to the personal information they provided by sending an e-mail to or by submitting a request on Benchmark's 'Contact Us' website page. The website page will send their requests to Benchmark's authorized persons, who will take action based on the instructions given by the Government and Foreign Affairs offices.

Benchmark should not be responsible if the users or clients have given accurate or factual information. Providing truthful information to Benchmark should be the users' or clients' responsibility to give updated, honest, and accurate information.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

Benchmark's Privacy Policy may be updated, and users and clients are requested to review Benchmark's website to see the latest statements.