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How to get MOFA Attestation in Dubai?

In this attestation blog, we shall see how to get MOFA Attestation in Dubai. The procedure for MoFAIC Attestation and the Best MOFA attestation services in Dubai, etc.

What is MoFAIC in the UAE?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in the UAE

MOFA Attestation

What is MOFA Attestation?

MOFA Attestation is the process of certifying a document with the stamp or seal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to verify its authenticity for use in another country. It's required for various legal documents like educational and employment certificates and involves notarization, authentication, and MOFA Attestation in the country of origin.

What is the Purpose of MoFAIC Attestation?

MoFAIC Attestation verifies the authenticity and validity of documents issued in one country for use abroad. It is mandatory for most government and private transactions in the UAE and other countries. MOFA attestation aims to ensure the documents are genuine and legally binding and to prevent fraud and forgery. By attesting their documents, individuals and businesses can use them for various purposes, such as applying for a job, studying abroad, setting up a business, or getting a visa to travel or reside in another country.

  • Register on the MoFAIC portal.
  • Apply for MOFA attestation in Dubai.
  • Wait for the application review.
  • Pay the MOFA attestation fee.
  • Collect the attested documents by courier delivery.

Is MOFA Attestation Mandatory in Dubai?

MOFA attestation is mandatory in Dubai for foreign documents intended for official purposes. This ensures the documents are genuine and legally binding, preventing fraud and forgery. The attestation process involves verifying the authenticity and validity of the documents and the identity of the person who issued them. The attestation process for the UAE may vary depending on the type of certification and the country it was given in, but generally involves a series of steps that may include notarization, authentication by the relevant authorities in the issuing country, and final attestation by the UAE embassy in that country. Once the documents have been attested by MOFA in Dubai, they can be used for various purposes, such as employment, education, immigration, and business transactions.

How Much is the MOFA Attestation Fees Dubai?

  • The fee for standard document attestation is AED 150 per document.
  • The fee for commercial document attestation is AED 2000 per document.
  • Additional fees may apply for document translation or courier services.
  • Fees can be paid online through the MOFAIC website or app. Document fees are subject to change without prior notice, so checking the current prices before submitting the documents for attestation is essential.

How do I Verify my MOFA Attestation in Dubai?

  • Visit the MOFAIC (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation) website or download the MOFA UAE app on your smartphone.
  • Click the "Document Attestation" option and select "Verify Document" from the dropdown menu.
  • Enter the document number and select the country of origin from the dropdown menu.
  • Upload a copy of the attested document if required.
  • Enter the verification number shown on the screen and click "Submit".


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