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US Birth Certificate Attestation in Dubai

Travelling or moving to new destinations like Jordan, the Maldives, or Madagascar is straightforward, requiring only a passport and a visa upon arrival. However, for US citizens relocating to the UAE, the attestation process is more complex, especially with the US birth certificate attestation in Dubai.

In the USA, the attestation process is a multi-tiered verification process that begins with a notary public, continues with the Secretary of State and Department of State, and concludes with legalization at the US Embassy, where it receives official sealing and signing.

How do I apostille or legalise a US birth certificate?

  1. Get a truly certified copy from the US Notary Public.
  2. Obtain US Secretary of State's authentication.
  3. Obtain authentication from the US Department of State.
  4. In Washington, DC, apply for UAE Embassy legalization.
  5. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai provided the final attestation.

Birth Certificate Attestation in USA and UAE

  • Step # 1 Request for a Certified True Copy of a US Birth Certificate

    A notary public in the United States is a state government-authorized person who acts as an impartial witness when original documents are copied and signed. In the first stage of the process, after you confirm that your copy matches the original US birth certificate, you can attach a copy of a Notarial certificate stating that the document is accurate and true.

    Take note that not all notaries in the USA can do this job. Therefore, it’s better to take the help of a professional document attestation company that takes care of this.

  • Step # 2 Secretary of State Attestation in the USA

    You must get your document authenticated by the Secretary of State of the concerned state from where you got the US birth certificate.

  • Step # 3 USA Department of State Authentication

    The Department of State is accountable for signing and issuing certificates under the United States Department of State Seal. This department provides centralized authentication services to all US citizens in different states.

  • Step # 4 UAE Embassy Attestation in the USA

    For legalization, you must send the US-issued birth certificate to the UAE Embassy in Washington, DC.

  • Step # 5 MOFA Attestation in Dubai

    Once the UAE Embassy in the USA certifies your birth certificates, you must send your US documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai (MOFA Dubai)

In some US documents, translation from English to Arabic may be required. Our legalization experts in UAE can provide legal translation and certificate attestation for you.

Is MOFA attestation mandatory for US Birth Certificates?

MOFA Attestation is the final attestation step. MOFA Attestation in UAE is a must for applying for a Dubai residence visa through the Ministry of Labor. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation is compulsory for a family residency visa in gulf countries (GCC countries) like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain.

How long does it take to Attest a US Birth Certificate for UAE?

The US Birth Certificate Attestation process in Dubai depends entirely on how long the state-level US authorities take to authenticate the document. If you require the certificates urgently, we can fast-track them for you for an increased fee.

Please note that the US Department of State now takes at least 50 business days before release.

How much does USA Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE cost?

The total fee for authenticating a USA birth certificate will depend on the state’s processing fee. The price we charge you will include the cost for attestation in the USA and the UAE, our service fee, the translation costs, and the cost of inbound and outbound courier services.

Benchmark Attestation can provide timely and reliable US birth certificate attestation services in Dubai, giving you peace of mind. Once you hand over your documents to us, you need to relax, as our experts will get everything done for you. If you send us an electronic copy of your certificates, our team will provide you with a free quote Attestation in the USA.

Once the section is approved, we’ll start the attestation process immediately. Contact us to obtain document attestation and apostille services for US residents. You can contact us by calling our UAE number at +971 4396 1284 or our hotline at +971 52 888 4714.

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