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What is the meaning of Translation?

Translation involves converting written or spoken content from one language to another, such as from English to Arabic, while maintaining the original meaning. Professional translators specialize in accurately conveying the content of the source text, in this case, from the English language to the Arabic language, ensuring precision and cultural appropriateness.

What is a Legal Translation in UAE?

Legal Translation in the UAE refers to the process of translating legal documents, contracts, agreements, and other legal materials from one language to another while ensuring the accuracy and consistency of the legal terminology used. It is an essential aspect of legal communication in the UAE, where Arabic is the official language. Many legal documents are translated into English or other languages for international transactions and business purposes. The legal Translation must be done by a certified and experienced translator familiar with both languages' legal systems and terminology.

What is the Difference between Normal Translation and Legal Translation in UAE?

Normal Translation:

  • Translation of everyday texts and documents
  • It does not require specialised legal knowledge or terminology
  • No certification required

Legal Translation in the UAE:

  • Translation of legal documents, contracts, agreements, and other legal materials
  • Requires specialised legal knowledge and accurate Translation of legal terminology and concepts
  • Involves translating Arabic legal documents into other languages or vice versa
  • The UAE legal system combines civil and Islamic law, making legal Translation more complex.
  • The UAE Ministry of Justice or other competent authorities may require certification depending on the document and its intended use.

Why is Legal Translation necessary for UAE?

  • Arabic is the official language of the UAE, and many legal documents are issued in Arabic. Legal Translation allows these documents to be understood by people who do not speak Arabic.
  • The UAE is a hub for international business, and legal Translation is necessary to facilitate communication and transactions with people from other countries who speak different languages.
  • Legal Translation ensures that legal documents are accurately translated, which is essential in the UAE's legal system, which combines aspects of civil and Islamic law.
  • Legal Translation may be required for legal proceedings in the UAE or in other countries, making it essential to ensure that the Translation is accurate and reliable.

How to be a Legal Translator by UAE Ministry of Justice?

To become a legal translator certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice, you need to meet the eligibility criteria, pass the legal translation exam, apply for certification, attend training and workshops, and renew your certification every three years.

Why do you need Legal Translation for the UAE Visa?

  • All visa-related documents need to be translated into Arabic or English.
  • Ensuring that the UAE authorities understand the information in these documents is necessary.
  • Legal Translation is required to accurately translate legal terms and concepts, especially in a legal system that combines civil and Islamic law.
  • UAE visa applicants may speak something other than Arabic or English, making legal Translation necessary to facilitate communication and understanding.
  • Legal Translation ensures that all visa-related documents comply with the requirements of the UAE authorities.

Contact us now for your legal Translation.

Benchmark Attestation offers English-to-Arabic and Arabic-to-English translation services in Dubai. Our team consists of highly qualified translators who can expertly translate any content, whether it's written/official documents. We provide legal and standard translations of all types of documents based on the client's requirements.

Any document that requires a legal or standard translation in Arabic for government services or other purposes can be done through Benchmark Attestation Services. Before providing legal translations, all educational and non-educational documents must have all the necessary attestations.

Requirements for Legal Translation:

  1. The content of the documents that need to be translated (original or email soft copy)
  2. Passport copies of the applicants as supporting documents

Contact us at 052-888-4714 to arrange the certificate collection free of cost.

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