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Attestation of Turkish Documents

Travelling excites many people, especially when the countries you visit are safe and offer huge opportunities like the UAE. However, before foreign governments issue foreign nationals their visas, their documents must have attestation stamps. Suppose you are a Turkish national applying for a visa in the United Arab Emirates. In this case, you must get your documents attested – whichever UAE will require you to submit for visa processing.

If you need to attest a Turkish Certificate for UAE use, you will need to follow a procedure.

Authentication by the Turkish Authorities

Before getting your certificate certified by the UAE Embassy in Turkey or the Turkish Consulate in Dubai, you must get it legalized by the Turkish authorities. You can do this by visiting the local notary public and the office responsible for issuing the document. Educational documents, for example, must have verification from the Ministry of National Education in Turkey or the Council of Higher Education.

Attestation by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)

After the notarization and verification by the local authorities, the certificate must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Turkey. The MFA Turkey is the government agency responsible for the country's foreign relations and diplomacy. Your original certificate and passport copy are required for the authentication procedure. This step guarantees the acceptance of your documents to any consulate or embassy submission.

UAE Embassy Attestation in Turkey

Once the MFA has certified your certificate, you must visit the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Turkey to get it legalized. Your original document, passport copy, and the payment for the attestation fee are required.

You can get the attestation from either of these two offices:

  • UAE Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey
  • UAE Embassy in Ankara, Turkey

If the attestation from the UAE Embassy in Turkey is not completed, do not worry, you can still get the legalization from the Turkish Consulate in Dubai, UAE. The Consulate of Turkey will accept your documents for attestation so MOFA UAE will accept your document for the final stamping.

MOFA Attestation Dubai

After the attestation by the UAE Consulate in Turkey, you must get your certificate verified by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation office. You can contact Certificate Attestation providers in the UAE, like Benchmark Attestation Services.

Another option would be to visit the MOFA UAE website and arrange the pickup of your documents for the attestation process. Currently, MOFAIC UAE is not accepting walk-in submissions for legalization.

It's essential to note that only the government authorities can confirm which documents you need to get attested, as the requirements depend on the purpose for which it is being attested.

If you need Certificate Attestation in Turkey, contact our Legalization Experts' Hotline at +971 52 888 4714 or Landline at +971 4 396 1284!

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