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Birth Certificate Attestation India

A birth certificate is a document with a child's birth details. It contains essential information about the child–name, gender, place and date of birth, names of parents, and sometimes additional information such as their address, religion, occupation, etc.

People today move around a lot for study purposes, work, or to live a life that suits them better. If you are an expat from India working in the United Arab Emirates or traveling to the UAE for educational or business purposes, having complete attested documents is essential.

A lack of authentic documents may lead to difficulty seeking employment, making large purchases, registering with a school or educational institution, and renting real estate for lodging. The same can also cause problems with immigration and other necessary and legal processes. For this reason, having your documentation certified by a local body within the UAE is a must.

Here are the procedures for Birth Certificate Attestation in India:

  • Notary Public Attestation from Mumbai, India
    A notary public must verify the translated or original birth certificate. They will confirm if the Indian birth certificate is genuine by stamping and signing the document. Document translation must be done if the document is not issued in Hindi or English. Some countries accept if the translation is done after the certificate attestation, but others prefer translation before legalization.
  • HRD Attestation from Government Department of State of Issue
    After the notarization, the state's Home Department must certify the birth certificate.
  • Authentication from Ministry of External Affairs Delhi, India
    Next, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in Delhi or any of its branches in different cities in India will process certification for further legalization.
  • UAE Embassy Legalization in Delhi, India
    Finally, take the attested birth certificate to the UAE embassy or the UAE consulate in India for final attestation.
  • Attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE
    Attestation from the MOFA UAE is the first and last attestation stamp you need inside the country.
    Once the attestation process is complete, your birth certificate will be recognized as a valid document in the Emirates. Note that the specific requirements and procedures for attestation depend on the country where you must submit the document, so it's best to check with the experts on which documents must be legalized.

Indian Birth Certificate Attestation Procedure

If you need to use your Indian birth certificate in the UAE, certificate attestation in India is required. Attestation may only be undertaken from the place of certificate issuance. For birth certificates issued in India to be valid in the UAE, government authorities must formally provide authentication.

This process, however, takes a lot of time and energy. It involves dealing with legal red tape, submitting and resubmitting documents, and coordinating between the Indian Embassy and the concerned local authorities within the UAE.

We take this stress off your hands by doing all the running for you. Some of the documents we need from your end include the following:

  • Original Birth Certificate
  • A Copy of Your Passport

Once we have received all the necessary signatures and stamps to validate and authenticate your Indian birth certificate, we will connect with you and drop off your attested documentation.

If you're an Indian national living in the UAE alone or with family, having birth certificates for yourself and your household is necessary. If you're avoiding the monotony of submitting documents and doing the running about needed to get your Indian birth certificate attested, rest assured; we'll take this task on for you. Don't waste time, and don't delay. Connect with us now, and we'll see to the rest.

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