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Degree Certificate Attestation What You Need to Know

Degree attestation for UAE is the process of authenticating the validity of an educational degree or diploma issued by a university or college. It involves verifying the document's authenticity and confirming that it was genuinely issued by the concerned educational institution. This attestation process is typically required for various purposes, especially when using the degree abroad or for official purposes in a foreign country.

Get your degree certificate attestation in UAE hassle-free with this informative guide. Learn about the process, requirements, and where to go for attestation services. Here's what you need to know about degree certificate attestation:

Degree Certificate Attestation

Why is it required?

Degree certificate attestation is necessary for international students or professionals planning to work, study, or settle in a foreign country. It ensures that the degree holder's educational qualifications are recognised and accepted by the government, educational institutions, or employers in the destination country.

Types of Degree attestation:

The attestation process can vary depending on the country where the degree was issued and the destination country where the document will be used. Typically, it involves three levels of attestation:

  • Attestation by the educational institution or notary: The degree certificate must first be verified and attested by the university or college that issued the degree or the notary public.
  • Ministry of foreign affairs attestation: After the educational institution's attestation, the document is sent for verification to the appropriate government department or foreign affairs ministry responsible for education.
  • Attestation by the UAE embassy: The final step involves attesting the document at the embassy or consulate of the destination country.

Documents required:

The typical documents needed for degree certificate attestation include:

  • Original degree certificate or diploma
  • Mark sheets/transcripts
  • Passport copy
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • Application form (which varies depending on the attesting authority)
  • Attestation fees (which vary depending on the country and the type of service requested)

Timeline and fees:

The time and cost involved in the attestation process can vary significantly depending on the country's requirements and the processing speed selected by the applicant. It's essential to check with the respective embassy or consulate for the latest information on processing times and fees.

Use cases:

Degree certificate attestation is commonly required for various purposes, including:

  • Employment visa or work permit applications
  • Higher education admissions
  • Professional licencing exams
  • Migration or permanent residency applications
  • Family visa applications (e.g., spouse or dependent visas)


The validity of the attested degree certificate depends on the specific requirements of the destination country or institution. In many cases, the attestation is considered valid for a specific period, after which it may need to be renewed or re-attested.

Choosing a reliable service provider:

The degree certificate attestation process can be complex and time-consuming, especially if the documents need to be attested by multiple authorities. It's advisable to seek the assistance of a reputable and experienced attestation service provider or contact the relevant embassy or consulate for guidance.

Guidelines for Attesting Academic and Professional Qualifications from UAE Universities:

This service is designed for individuals seeking to attest their academic degrees and vocational certificates, which have been awarded by accredited private higher education institutions in the UAE, through the Ministry of Education.


  • Create an account or sign in with your UAE PASS.
  • Complete the application form.
  • Upload all necessary documentation.
  • Submit the payment for processing.
  • The application will undergo a review process to verify the details and attached documents.
  • A final decision (Attestation or Rejection) will be made on the application and communicated via the email address provided.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Certificates and official documents issued by public higher education institutions do not require attestation. This includes documents from the United Arab Emirates University, Zayed University, and the Higher College of Technology.
  • Types of documents that need attestation include graduation certificates, statements of graduation, letters of verification, transcripts, course descriptions, and authenticated copies of documents.
  • Ensure all documents are clear, scanned copies in PDF format.
  • Only documents issued by an institution licensed by the MOE and offering MOE-recognized programs will be accepted.
  • Documents must include the student ID and specialization.
  • All documents must be notarized with a certified seal and signature from the issuing institution.
  • Each document must be uploaded as a separate file in the specified field for required documents.

List of Required Documents for Attestation:

  • A copy of the passport or Emirates ID.
  • For attesting Diploma or Bachelor's degrees: Graduation certificate, statement of graduation, and transcript. Additionally, a previously attested copy of a secondary school certificate or diploma (if issued by a private institution in the UAE) or an equivalency certificate (if the previous qualification was obtained from an institution outside the UAE).
  • For attesting Graduate Diploma or Master's degrees: The same documents as for bachelor's degrees, with the previous qualification being an attested copy of the bachelor's degree.
  • For attesting Doctoral degrees: In addition to the graduation certificate, statement of graduation, and transcript, a previously attested copy of the master's degree is required.
  • For continuing students: A letter of verification or transcript.
  • For education faculty members: A letter of verification.
  • For students with transferred hours: An attested transcript of transferred hours from UAE institutions or proof of authenticity for transcripts from institutions outside the UAE, possibly requiring verification through UAE embassies or cultural attachés.

This streamlined process and set of requirements are designed to ensure the authenticity and recognition of academic qualifications for professional or further educational purposes within the UAE.

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