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Apostille US Birth Certificate

The Emirates is considered to be the land of dreams for many individuals. With its expansive career prospects, academic opportunities, and accelerating business growth, it’s unsurprising that several US citizens plan on moving to the UAE for greener pastures. This includes individuals from all age brackets – undergraduate and postgraduate students, young professionals entering the workforce, and veterans and expats relocating in hopes of a more comfortable lifestyle for their families.

Moving to the UAE from the US does come with a lot of paperwork, though. Before you can move to Dubai or Abu Dhabi to kick-start your new job or unfold your business plans, you need to get your important documents attested, which of course, includes your birth certificate.

When applying for your residency visa in the UAE, you’ll be required to have your US birth certificate “authenticated” or “stamped” for verification. This needs to be done in the country of origin, i.e., the United States, to be accepted in the UAE.

What is an Apostille Birth Certificate?

An apostille is a specific type of certification used to verify the authenticity of your document, which in this case, refers to the birth certificate. The Apostille certification is used by nations that are members of the Hague Convention and helps confirm that the stamps and seals on the document are legitimate. However, while the US is a member of the Hague Convention, the UAE isn’t. This means that the apostille birth certificates aren’t valid in the Emirates. For an apostille document to be valid, both the issuing and the accepting country must be members.

So, how do you verify your US-issued birth certificate without an apostille?

You’ll need to have your paperwork attested or legalized for your move to the UAE. This means that you’ll need to contact the relevant departments and ministries in the UAE and the US. These include:

  • UAE Embassy in the US
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE

Only after your US birth certificate has been attested from these (and in some cases, a few other) ministries will it be considered authenticated and legal for use in the UAE. The process of attestation has the same effect as an apostille certification.

UAE Attestation of US Birth Certificates

Making trips to and from various ministries in the US is no picnic. Add to it the attestation required by the authorities in the UAE, and the task is downright overwhelming.

Want an easy solution for your birth certificate attestation needs? We’ve got just the thing for you! At Benchmark Attestation Services, we help former or current US citizens applying for UAE residency get their birth certificates attested without going through any trouble. We’ll take over the attestation process with our reliable and prompt online services, getting you the authentication you need for your documents. We offer our apostille and attestation services for all types of US-issued documents for use in the UAE.