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Securing a Job in Dubai: Attestation Necessities

Securing a Job in Dubai: Attestation Requirements

Your dream of working a great job in Dubai is finally within reach!

Now all you have to do is prepare your paperwork so you can finish the last steps; for which you need to get your required visa documents attested. But which documents do you need?

We’re here to help you out! In this blog, we’ve covered the basics of everything you need for certificate attestation!


Document Attestation Requirements in the UAE

Let’s take an example of a person from India who’s seeking attestation for a job in Dubai.

Considering you’ve already received confirmation of your job offer, your task is to have all your documents attested from the UAE embassy in India. Here’s what the process entails:

– An HRD Attestation

Known as Human Resource Development attestation, this is one of the more essential procedures for your education-related certificates, and is carried out by your state.

For any personal documents, your state’s Home Department is required to attest the documents. As for commercial documents, the Chamber of Commerce is required to authorize the attestation.

– MEA Attestation

After your documents are attested by the relevant HRD departments, they are then sent to the Minister of External Affairs.

UAE Embassy Attestation

Once all your documents are attested by the External Affairs departments and the relevant ministries, they are then sent to the Embassy of UAE, where they’re finally attested for authentication.

All this is done before the documents need to be sent with the visa request. Only then are you granted a valid visa. Aside from the UAE, keep in mind that all Gulf countries require you to go through this process.

Why is Attestation Required?

The UAE has always been stringent about visa policies. Considering that you’re a foreign citizen who will be spending a substantial time in their federation, having your documents attested gives them the assurance that no documents are faked and that your process was monitored and authorized by the country itself.

Need Help?

Given that attestation and document authorization are long-winded processes, you might be worried about getting them done on time.

That’s where we can help!

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