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Securing Your Future in the UAE with Degree Attestation

Securing Your Future in the UAE with Degree Attestation

The UAE has provided thousands of job opportunities to people across the world. With many big names across various industries operating here, the UAE certainly has a lot to offer.

The recently launched multi-entry tourist visa is expected to create 325,000 more jobs in the tourism industry and others, making UAE a great place to kickstart your career.

A major part of working and living in the UAE is getting your documents attested and verified to make your visa approval process easier. Here’s what to know about degree attestation for a fresh grad:

Degree Certificate Attestation

Degree attestation if you’ve obtained a degree outside the UAE

If you’ve obtained your educational certification and degree abroad, your first step to making a career for yourself in the UAE is to have these documents attested. These documents have to be attested by the issuing country and then in the UAE by regulatory bodies, ministries, and other relevant departments.

This process is done to verify the authenticity of the documents before you can apply for a visa here. UK and US degree attestation are a lengthy and time-consuming process because of the various steps and compliance requirements prescribed by government authorities.

The process of US degree attestation:.

1. Getting the degree certified from the Notary Public in the States.

2. Verification by the Secretary of State.

3. Attestation from the Department of State.

4. Legalization from the UAE Embassy in DC.

5. Attestation from then MOFA in UAE.

Sign up with a document attestation service for peace of mind. Their experts take care of the entire process, so that you don’t have to worry about missing something out.

Do your research in advance. Look into the industries that are thriving here in the UAE and which ones are expected to grow further. Match the companies that are in line with your interests and those with vacancies suited to your skills and educational background.

With so many companies currently operating and thriving here, there’s plenty of opportunity in the UAE. Every year, more firms like Sarwa are expanding their operations and creating more jobs.

Having a concrete job offer helps with the visa process. Once you’ve settled down, you can move on to the next step of obtaining a residence visa. This isn’t necessary for those who are originally from the UAE.

Benchmark Attestation Services in Dubai can help you with all the legalities here. We provide document legalization services like expedited Apostille Attestation, US degree attestation, UK degree attestation, birth certificate attestation, etc. To find out more, call us at +971 52 888 4714 now!

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