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The Ultimate Checklist to Follow When Relocating
Overseas [Part 2]

The Ultimate Checklist to Follow When Relocating Overseas [Part 2]

The UAE is famously dubbed as the land of opportunities. From career and business prospects to academic opportunities to a luxurious lifestyle, the Middle East region has it all up for grabs. However, before you relocate to the UAE, you need to do a few things.

Here’s part 2 of the ultimate checklist to follow when relocating to UAE.


Apply For A Visa

Whether you’re moving to the UAE for work, an academic opportunity, or to settle in the country permanently, you’re going to need a permit. You cannot enter the UAE without a valid visa, and obtaining one can be a time-consuming process. This is why you need to act fast and apply for your visa early on so that you’re not anxiously waiting for it near your moving deadline.

Check out the official websites for assistance on what the procedure is like and which documents need to be submitted. Gather these documents and fill out the forms, keeping in mind the submission deadlines (if any). If you need to renew your passport, now is the time to get that done.

Save As Much As You Can

Moving is an expensive affair, even if you’re moving from a place with a high cost of living to one with a relatively lower cost of living. This is because relocating internationally involves a lot of expenses you wouldn’t encounter in a local move. Besides, there’s also the currency exchange rate to consider while moving and how that is going to affect your budgeting once you’re there.

Calculate an estimated amount of how much the whole process will cost you, from the visa application fee and certificate attestation fee to house rent, international shipments, and traveling fare. Also calculate what your monthly expenditure in UAE will look like to have a good idea of how to budget once you get there.

Based on this estimated amount, start saving for the big move. Set up a separate fund for relocating and keep track of it so that you’re better prepared financially when the time comes, and can tackle any last-minute expenses that may spring up.

Learn About the Culture

It’s never too early to start learning about a country’s culture! UAE has its own distinct traditions and cultural norms, and if you haven’t been to the Middle East before or haven’t read about them, you’ll probably not know about these.

Save yourself from the big cultural shock you may otherwise receive by familiarizing yourself with UAE’s culture. Do your research on their social norms, acceptable and unacceptable behaviors, and rules of etiquette. Since Arabic is the most commonly spoken language there, it might help to get a head start on learning the language before you move. Other ways to enhance your knowledge of the UAE culture is by learning about their local holidays and festivals, ways of greeting, common attire, and most popular food.

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