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Uk Marriage Certificate Authentication In The UAE

The UAE is full of business, trade, and other professional opportunities for expats and foreign nationals. If you have moved to the UAE for work purposes, you may already know how essential it is to have all your paperwork in order.

Due to certain changes in policies and the introduction of stringent new laws, official and formal documentation is required for all kinds of minor and significant personal processes. These include immigration, admission in schools or universities, job seeking, licensing, and insurance. These also include large monetary transactions such as real estate purchases and business investments.

Further, if a locally operating regulatory body does not recognize the documentation submitted, certificates and other documentation must be locally attested or authenticated.

UK Marriage Certificate Attestation Procedure

If you’re looking to apply for immigration for a spouse who wishes to move to the UAE, one of the prime documents required is your UK-issued Marriage Certificate. Your marriage certificate comes under the personal/non-educational document category and must be authenticated before being recognized officially within the UAE.

Marriage Certificate authentication involves validating a certificate done by an authorized body with their official seal, signature, or stamp. This attestation stands as a legal guarantee that the certificate in question is legitimate and authentic.

Having a UK-issued marriage certificate authenticated or attested for use in the UAE requires submitting a set of documents. These include but are not limited to your original passport ID card and marriage certificate along with any other necessary documentation as well as copies of the same.

This, along with a cover letter for attestation, is submitted, following which applicants often need to coordinate between the UK embassy and concerned local authorities within the UAE. This also requires navigating a degree of red tape that can become stressful, especially if you have other obligations such as professional commitments pending.

To simplify matters, our company offers to make the process of UK marriage certificate attestation easy for you. We connect with you and collect all the documents and covering details we require before putting together and submitting your case file.

We do the liaising between UK and UAE authorities, saving you the hassle of dealing with the official red tape involved. Finally, once your UK marriage certificate has been authenticated by local accrediting bodies and proof of the same obtained, we return your documents and case file to you.

Save your time and save your energy. Connect with us now if you need to have a UK marriage certificate authenticated for use within the UAE.

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