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5 Useful Tips for Living Abroad Without Your Family

5 Useful Tips for Living Abroad Without Your Family

Despite the excitement of the immigrating to a burgeoning city, nothing prepares you for the emptiness that follows when you finally settle down and find that you’re in a new place that’s pretty much unfamiliar. You have no family or friends to rely on.

Consider it an extreme version of relocation depression. But, even with this sadness threatening to overwhelm you, you have to remember that you’re doing so to create a better future for yourself and your loved ones.

So, let’s take a constructive approach. As a leading company in Dubai that employs many expats from all over, here are some tips from Benchmark Attestations on how our employees handled living abroad without their family!

Living Alone

1. Establish Your Priorities

Initially, you will be tempted to leave everything and head back to your home country. But that’s a rash move. Think back to why you went through all the trouble of immigrating in the first place. It took research and planning, dozens of document attestations and document legalization, and a lot of money to get you to where you are, all for a more positive future. Rather than delving into these negative feelings, focus on your long-term goals.

2. Make Contact

Join various boards and forums and participate in discussions on the best places to go to in the city. Reach out to family and friends and ask for any known people living in the area you can talk to. Once you arrive, take the time out to contact them and speak to them. This’ll allow you to secure your sanity. Next time you feel homesick, you’ll at least have someone to turn to.

3. Communicate

Birthdays, holidays, graduations, small celebrations—try to be available virtually for all occasions. Once or twice a week, take special time out and call your family, or just send them a text or pictures of your travels out. Talk about joyful moments instead of complaining about your loneliness. You’ll feel a lot calmer and lighter afterward.

4. Don’t Leave Family Connections Behind

Don’t limit yourself to just talking to your significant other. Your children, parents, other family members, friends—every person who was a part of your life deserves a bit of your time. Call each person and take an interest in their lives. A key component of long-distance relationships is to be emotionally available when you can’t physically be.

5. Keep Some Emergency Funds for Travel

Do you have a few vacation days stored up that you can use? Book a flight back home and visit your family. Even if you come and go for a few weeks at a time, this bit of travel will be enough to satisfy you. But remember to not use all of your savings at once. You don’t want to be stuck abroad while your family needs you for an emergency.

Bonus Tip: Prepare Their Paperwork

Want to bring your family with you?

Start preparing their paperwork ASAP. Brush up on the rules and guidelines and find out what you need. Get in touch with Benchmark Attestation Services for birth certificate or marriage certificate attestation. And apply for their visas.

Next thing you know, you’ll be getting ready to pick them up from the airport!