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Procedures to Setup a Business in Dubai

Some procedures and legal requirements need to be fulfilled for setting up a business in Dubai. BENCHMARK DOCUMENTS SERVICES is well aware with the formalities required to set up a business and can help you take care of all the below-given steps.

1. Determining and Identifying the Type of Business Activity:

Legal procedures to be followed and the fees structure may vary depending on the nature of your business activity. We help you gain clear understanding of your intended business activity before initiating the procedures so that there are no changes at the later stage.

2. Finding and Meeting a Local Sponsor:

As per the UAE jurisdiction, foreign companies or an individual opening a business entity need a local sponsor (service agent/company comprising of UAE nationals) to open an office in Dubai, who will facilitate necessary licenses for the office without bearing any liability to capital contribution or losses.

3. Determining the Legal Form of Business:

Rules and regulations are different for different ownership types and business establishments. We serve the clients determine and understand which type of legal type/business activity is appropriate for their business formation.

4. Trade Name Registration from DED:

Trade name of the company distinguishes businesses and represents their nature and legal type. We serve the clients not only in setting up business in Dubai but also registering the trade name from the list of available trade names provided by Department of Economic Development Dubai (DED).

5. Obtaining the Initial Approval from DED:

Initial approval certificate is required to continue with the business license formalities that permit foreign nationals to practice desired business activity in Dubai. Approval from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – Dubai (GDRFA) is compulsory for foreign investors before getting the initial approval. We help serve the clients get all required approvals from the concerned authorities including DED, and help them pay a legal fee for issuing a business license.

6. Fulfilling Licensing Requirements

Various types of licenses issued by the Dubai licensing authorities are:

  • Agricultural License
  • Commercial License
  • Industrial License
  • Professional License
  • Tourism License
  • Vocational License
7. Getting Approval for license submission from DED.
8. Obtaining Establishment Card from Dubai Immigration office.
9. Obtaining Labour computer Card from Dubai Ministry of Labour.
10. Visa Processing Partners and Employees.

We serve the clients get all the licenses, avail No Objection Letter from the deemed authority, and also get their legal documents translated into Arabic by the legal translator. We provide the whole spectrum of PRO and government liaison services. Below is a selection of services which may be particularly relevant to you:

  • Applying for visas (visit visas, short term mission visas, long term visit visa etc).
  • Work Permit applications, amendments, and cancellations.
  • Arranging newspaper advertisements.
  • Residence Visa applications and cancellations.
  • Visa applications for maids and other domestic staff.
  • Visa renewal application.
  • Company registration with Ministry of Labour.
  • Health insurance applications and renewals.
  • Attendance at Notary Public with you for the signing of official documents.
  • Setting up accounts and/or liaising with banks, Etisalat.
  • Company registration with Department of Naturalization and Residency Dept.
  • Arranging for documents to be translated into Arabic (please note that translation will be handled by an official legal translator at additional cost).