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Indian Certificate Attestation in Dubai

If you’re someone who has migrated to the UAE from India for study or work purposes, one of the things necessary for your visa renewal and general mobility within the country is valid documentation.

The UAE is one of the most progressive regions in the Middle East, Dubai being one of its centers. The region is ever welcoming to those wishing to move in and contribute to the economy and culture. In order to maintain a level of safety and security for its residents, legal stringencies and regulations have been introduced. These include the need for documentation that has been attested or authenticated by a legal body recognized in the UAE and cross referenced with the respective authorities in the originating country.

Documents that are unauthenticated or unattested may lead to difficulty seeking employment, making large purchases, registering with a school or educational institution and renting real estate for the purpose of lodging. This can also hinder various immigration procedures, hence, it is important for those residing in the UAE to have any and all necessary documentation in order and handy.

Indian Certificate Attestation Procedure

Educational certificates as well as others are needed when you’re seeking admission in an institute as well as if you’re seeking employment within the UAE. As you may know, attestation requires you to travel to the country of origin for authentication before returning to the UAE for the same.

Documents we require from your end for educational certificate attestation include:

  • 2 Photographs
  • Authorization letter
  • Degree Copy
  • HSC certificate
  • Original Certificate
  • Original mark-sheet
  • Passport copy
  • Visa Copy

Upon receipt of the documents mentioned, we proceed to take your case to the relevant authorities for due process. Once we have received all the necessary signatures and stamps to validate and authenticate your Indian birth certificate, we connect with you and drop off your attested documentation. Apart from Indian educational certificates, we also provide authentication and attestation services for other Indian certificates which may be necessary.

Required documents however may vary depending on what kind of certificates or documents you may be looking to have attested. You won’t need to be present for the attestation or do any liaising between embassies and authorities. That’s all us!

If you’re an Indian national living in the UAE alone or with family, having the birth certificates for yourself and your household are essential. If you’re avoiding the tedium of submitting documents and doing the running about needed to get your Indian birth certificate attested, rest assured; we’ll take over this task on for you. Don’t waste time and don’t delay. Connect with us now and we’ll see to the rest.

Indian certificate attestation

Indians community these days are becoming appreciative audience of their chances of traveling, working and living abroad. The UAE turns out to be one country that beckons them with the best guarantees and conveys exceptionally. However, for Indian residents producing their documents in the emirates, getting these attested first is the extra thing. This process lets the host country conclude that they are real.

Indian certificate attestation is crucial to various requirements inside the country: pursuing higher education, getting a family residence visa, joining a nearby professional job, getting your kid enrolled at a school, and bringing or sending out goods into the country, make up the main ones. The UAE government requires that all your documents be attested by the Indian Consulate or UAE Embassy in Delhi. After that, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation needs to be done. Only with these things in hand is it conceivable to get a visa to UAE.

Indian birth certificate attestation in Dubai

The birth certificate attestation is the act of witnessing a birth certificate by approved individuals/Departments/authorities with their authority seal and signature. The attestation process additionally verifies that the specified date, place of birth of the child, and the parents’ details and other credentials are correct and accurate.

Birth certificate attestation can be done from the issuing nation of the certificate. For using the certificate in UAE, the certificate should be attested from the concerned Home department or the Ministry of External Affairs of India and the UAE Embassy in the country.

We can finish Indian birth certificate attestation in Dubai all the process as required, whether attestation even the certificate holder is not there in the Issuing country.