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Indian Document Attestation in UAE - What Do You Have to Do?

Indian Document Attestation in UAE - What Do You Have to Do?

Indian certificates and documents need to be fully attested before being recognized in the UAE.

Let's say you are to live or study in the UAE, and you have documents issued from India. For employment, residence, or student visa in the UAE, attested documents are required.

Attestation In the UAE

The UAE has the most progress in the Middle East, with Dubai as one of its famous cities. UAE welcomes foreign nationals to live here. However, attestation of documents and certificates is required for the safety and security of the country and its residents.

Attestation and Apostille are also known as legalization or authentication. Indian birth certificates, marriage certificates, and degrees certificates are essential if you want to live, work, or study in the UAE. Documents of people from other countries need to go through the attestation process.

Complete Indian Government attestation is a must before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation in the UAE. Documents that are not attested may lead to difficulty making large purchases, applying to schools or universities, applying for employment visas, and real estate renting. This can also hinder various immigration procedures. Hence, it is important for those residing in the UAE to have any necessary documentation in order and handy.

Indian Certificate Attestation Procedure

Documents we require from your end for educational certificate attestation include:

  • Original Certificate
  • Original mark-sheet
  • Passport copy
  • Visa Copy
  • Authorization letter
  • Degree Copy
  • HSC certificate

Once requirements are received, we will process the attestation immediately – India and UAE Attestations.

Benchmark Attestation will do everything from the beginning until the end of the legalization process. You do not need to be present in any government department or embassies. That's all on us!

In India, this is the attestation procedure:

Notary Public stamp in Delhi
Sub-Divisional Magistrate
Ministry of External Affairs in India
UAE Embassy in Delhi
Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE

Having your original birth certificates and their attestation in the UAE is essential. If you're avoiding the monotony of submitting documents and doing the running about needed to get your Indian birth certificate attested, rest assured; we'll take over this task for you. Don't waste time and don't delay. Connect with us now, and we'll see to the rest.

For Certificate Attestation process, contact us now at +971 52 888 4714.

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