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Getting Married And Having Your Marriage Certificate
Attested In UAE—A Brief Guide

Getting Married And Having Your Marriage Certificate Attested In UAE—A Brief Guide

Planning to tie the knot in the UAE? Great decision! Home to some of the most beautiful cities on Earth, this Middle Eastern oasis is a glamorous wedding destination as they come.

However, being up-to-date with all the legal procedures of getting married in the UAE is as essential as any other aspect of planning your wedding.

In the UAE, all the laws are founded and based on the Islamic religious legal system known as Sharia Law. The Sharia Law not only regulates all the legal aspects of marriage. A marriage provides them the right to share a space, build a family, and have the rights of their children protected.

Marriage Certificate Attestation

The Requirements of Getting Married in the UAE for Expats

Like in any other country, getting married in the UAE requires you to follow a set of legal procedures. These procedures mainly depend on the couple’s citizenship, residency status, and nationality. Certain documents are needed, and some are required to be attested.

Non-Muslim Expats

In order to be eligible for legally getting married in the UAE, the couple must both be at least 18 years of age. Secondly, they’re required to have two witnesses with valid IDs.

Embassies and churches have many requirements depending upon the factors mentioned above (citizenship, nationality, etc.). Nevertheless, below is a list of the usual documents they require:

  • Attested birth certificates of the couple
  • Original passports as well as photocopies
  • Medical fitness certificate
  • The death certificate of the previous spouse, if one or both the parties are widowed
  • The final divorce papers and marriage certificates if one or both of the parties are divorcees
  • Attested singleness certificates of the couple.

It’s important to note that some countries ask couples who wish to marry in the UAE to submit an intention to marry application.

Muslim Expats

The procedure is somewhat different for Muslim expats who wish to get married in the UAE. The following requirements need to be prepared by the couples:

  • A valid employment or residence visa of the UAE (either of the two)
  • The national IDs of both the parties
  • visa status of the couple
  • visa status of the couple
  • passports of the couple
  • pre-marriage medical certificate

Another essential point to note is that Muslim women need to have a guardian and two male witnesses during the marriage ceremony. They are not allowed to represent themselves.

Marriage Certificate Attestation in the UAE

Suppose you’re an expat in the UAE who’s looking to obtain a residence visa for your spouse. In that case, you’ll be required to present a copy of your marriage certificate attested by your home government, among other documents.

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