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Situations That Call For Your Original Birth Certificate

Situations That Call For Your Original Birth Certificate

Your birth certificate is more than just a piece of paper stating the date, day, and time of your birth. It’s a valuable document that’s needed for all sorts of legal and personal purposes. Here are a few situations in which you’re likely to need your original birth certificate.

Birth Certificate

Applying to School

If you’re applying for higher education in the UAE or need to get your child enrolled in a school, the student’s birth certificate will be required. Schools and education institutes typically ask for the student’s birth certificate as part of their document requirements during the registration process. This is used as evidence of their identity and age, as well as a verification of their nationality.

Getting a Driver’s License

Expats, immigrants, and UAE born citizens have it relatively easy when it comes to getting a driver’s license. Standard document requirements usually include the applicant’s passport, ID card, photographs, no objection letter, and an eye test report. Many expats who hold a valid driver’s license from their country of origin can easily have it transferred, granted they’re from the shortlisted regions under exemption.

However, on occasion, the relevant authorities may ask you for your birth certificate as a way to verify your identification details. It’s best to have your original birth certificate on you when applying for a driver’s license in case it’s needed for verification.

Getting Married

If you’re planning your wedding in the UAE, you’re going to need your birth certificate to prove your identity. Moreover, it may also be required to authenticate your existing marriage certificate further. Since the marriage certificate is of crucial legal use, it needs to be completely verified and your birth certificate can help do this.

Obtaining a Passport

If you have travel plans lined up for next year, you’re going to need a valid passport. For UAE residents, this means that they’ll have to present their birth certificates in order to have a valid passport issued for travel. Given how your passport is needed for initiating several activities and streamlining various legal processes, it’s imperative that you obtain your passport at your earliest. Besides this, expats applying for a UAE passport after having attained citizenship also need to have their birth certificates readily available.

For your birth certificate to hold any value, you need to get it attested first. Benchmark Attestation Services is an attestation agency in Dubai that offers document attestation services in UAE. These include birth certificate attestation, marriage certificate attestation, and education certificate attestation.