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UK Attestation Services in Dubai- What Can We Do?

UK Attestation Services in Dubai - What Can We Do?

People love to travel, but the legalization needed for documents or papers causes hassle. Other countries like Maldives, Madagascar, Jordan, etc., only need a passport, and a visa is issued upon an individual’s arrival. Suppose you are a citizen of the UK and wish to move to the UAE. Attestation of documents and certificates is required to have the residence visa – marriage certificate, birth certificate, degree certificate, etc.

Please contact us to avail document attestation and apostille services for UK residents.

Attestation In the UAE
  • Elementary Legalization by the Registrars
  • Intermediate Legalization by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • Final Legalization by the UAE Consulate and MOFA in UAE

UK Certificate Attestation Process for UAE

Here’s your checklist of essentials for certificate attestations

  • Original passport of the bearer of the documents (for identity verification)
  • A clear and unblemished copy of the passport
  • The documents and certificates issued in the UK


1. The Elementary Legalisation – By the Registrars

The process initiates with the attestations by the relevant registrars as per the type of your documents.

  • Get your marriage documents endorsed by the Registrar of Marriages
  • Get your birth and death certificates endorsed by the Registrar of Births and Deaths
  • Get your business documents endorsed by the Registrar of Companies

2. The Intermediate Legalisation – By the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Next is the authentication from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or the Irish Ministry for Foreign Affairs Governor's Offices of Jersey, Icelandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs, or the Isle of Man and Guernsey, as per the region of your documents’ origin. Once this step has been completed, you’re already halfway towards the final step.

3. The Final Legalisation – By the UAE Consulate in the UK and the MOFA in UAE

You can submit your documents or certificates to the UAE Embassy/Consulate in London through walking-in or courier. Walk-in clients get their attested documents on the same day. If you have submitted through posting or courier, include a self-addressed stamped envelope, and they will deliver the attested documents within three working days.

If you have posted the documents from UAE, the UAE Embassy in London will notify you through email. Next, you will have to arrange to collect your documents from the embassy. After receiving the attested documents from the embassy, the next step is to get them attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE. This is the final step of the attestation process.

This is our attempt to provide you with a clear understanding of the process. However, if you want to invest your time in shopping or planning your trip, we are always available at your service. Contact Benchmark Attestation with your original certificates and a clear copy of your documents, and we will take care of the rest. Happy traveling!

UK certificate attestation in Dubai

UK Degree attestation is required if you need an employment or residence visa in the UAE. Birth Certificates attestation is required for school admissions, marriage, and other purposes in the UAE. After your certificates are attested, UAE will accept and recognize your documents are legitimate.

The UAE is not a member of the Hague convention, so all certificates to be used in the country require full legalization or attestation, not just an Apostille authentication. Therefore, UK Degree certificate Attestation in Dubai is a crucial and prolonged process to guarantee the authenticity of the certificates.