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Birth Certificate Attestation Services in Dubai- Why Do You Need One?

Birth Certificate Attestation Services in Dubai- Why Do You Need One?

Did you know? Birth certificate attestation is required for foreign nationals to apply for a residence visa in the UAE.

This little law proves to be tricky for many people. That's because they have no clue what steps should be taken to register for a birth certificate attestation. Thus, the experts at Benchmark Attestation Services are the best consultants to assist you in this tedious process.

However, before we tell you all about our services, let's shed some light on how to apply for birth certificate attestation in Dubai.

Birth Certificate

The Birth Certificate:

A birth certificate is an official document that acknowledges a child's birth. Think of it as the official evidence that declares the baby's nationality, name, age, and parents' names. The document becomes a part of the child's identity in all phases of life.

This includes:

  • Nursery and School admissions
  • Applications for higher education
  • Employment purposes
  • Official procedures for any legal applications

Most importantly, birth certificates are essential for passports, visas, and getting a dual nationality. In Dubai and other regions of the Gulf, you require birth certificate attestation for a residence visa.

What Is Birth Certificate Attestation?

The birth certificate attestation in Dubai refers to the process and act of verifying your birth certificate for legal matters. The authorizing party is a legal figure, government official, or a department that holds power to attest your documents. They do this by stamping your legal papers with an official seal and signature.

This procedure bears witness to the fact that the child's birth certificate is authentic and free from any false information.

When Is It Necessary?

The birth certificate attestation is considered a mandatory part of any application for a UAE residence visa. This is especially important for families that are applying for a family visa.

The Documentation: What Do You Need for Your Birth Certificate Attestation?

Here is a list of all the documents that are required for birth certificate attestation for a UAE residence visa:

  • The original copy of the birth certificate(s)
  • A copy of the applicant's passport
  • A copy of the applicant's and their parents' visa
  • Two passport size photographs
  • An authorization letter from the parents
  • The copy of the NIC (National Identity Cards) of both parents

The Steps: How Does a Birth Certificate Get Attested?

Here is a comprehensive guide that shows you what happens during the birth certificate attestation process in Dubai:

Step 1. You must submit the original birth certificate and necessary documents to the State of Government of the country that issued the birth certificate.

Step 2. The issuing country then contacts its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who has the duty of verifying the birth certificate and supplementary documents.

Step 3. The birth certificate is then forwarded to the UAE embassy in the issuing country to set the residence visa application into motion

Step 4. In the end, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE gives a final assessment and authorizes the birth certificate for attestation.

In short, the birth certificate attestation will take a lot of time to reach its completion.

Need Some Help?

Does this sound like a hard act to execute? Don't fret because Benchmark Attestation Services legalization experts are here to save the day.

Our team of professionals is quick to take this burden off your shoulders. We have accurate information and expertise to ensure that the process goes smoothly. Moreover, we promise to provide you with affordable prices, cooperative consultants, and the quickest service that you can avail.

Contact us to get the attestation process started!