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Why More People Are Seeking Job Opportunities in Dubai

Why More People Are Seeking Job Opportunities in Dubai

As the largest city in the UAE, Dubai is a well-known tourist destination. However, the dozens of skyscrapers spread across the city and the luxurious lifestyle it doesn't just appeal to tourists. It’s also tempting for individuals seeking jobs or career opportunities.

Reason’s why so many people relocate to Dubai for career growth.


Multi-Cultural Workforce

As one of the most popular global cities, Dubai attracts people from all across the world. It’s a culturally diverse city with residents from more than 180 different nationalities. The city’s strategic location right at the center of the world business map has also attracted expats from various countries, especially the US, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, China, South Asian countries, and European countries.

Therefore, you’ll be met with a multi-cultural workforce in Dubai. You won’t just be interacting with Arabic businessmen, entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, and laborers, but with people from all sorts of cultural backgrounds. Working in Dubai thus allows you to work with a multi-cultural workforce.


Another reason why expats choose to find employment or business opportunities in Dubai is because of the city’s tax-free policy. Expats don’t have to pay income tax, wealth tax, or corporate tax in the UAE. This allows for tax-free investment opportunities, providing expats and non-citizens a chance to live luxuriously. What’s more is that they can even purchase land or property even if they don’t have resident status.

People who move to Dubai for employment-related purposes are likely to earn more than what they would’ve back home. While the city’s economy has had a few bumps in recent years because of falling oil prices, Dubai is still known for its high tax-free salaries and generous packages for expats.

Promising Business Prospects

Businessmen and entrepreneurs, in particular, find Dubai as one of the best places in the world to set up and expand their businesses. According to the Expat Explorer 2015 survey conducted by HSBC, Dubai is the second-best city for individuals looking to start their own business, ranking right after Singapore.

The city’s market growth and economy encourage individuals to start up new businesses and expand their existing ones. If you’re inclined to set up your own business, Dubai may just be the place for you.

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