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Your Guide to Sponsoring a Family Visa In UAE

Your Guide to Sponsoring a UAE Family Visa

Living alone in the UAE, far away from your family, is no fun! It can take a toll on your happiness and health, diminishing the entire experience. The good news is, you can sponsor your family and help them get their family visas too!

Family In the UAE

Who Can You Sponsor?

For male expats, sponsoring family members is fairly easy. As long as they have their residence visas, they can sponsor a number of family members through a family visa. These include:

Their wives: Residents can sponsor their wives for UAE, provided that their marriage certificate is verified and attested. Muslim men with two wives can also sponsor both their spouses.

Their sons: If their sons are under the age of 18 (or are 18 years old), they too can be sponsored. For sons over 18, it’s necessary that they are enrolled as students. Moreover, they must travel to the UAE at least once in six months, especially if they’re studying in another country. Failure to meet this requirement can have their visas canceled. Note that sponsorship for older sons studying is only allowed up to the age of 21.

Their daughters: Only unmarried daughters can be sponsored by their fathers.

Their stepchildren: Male residents may also sponsor their stepchildren granted that there’s an attested copy of a No Objection Certificate available signed from their biological parents. This visa will have to be renewed a year later.

Their parents: Sponsorship of parents is allowed in cases both parents are being sponsored. If they’re divorced or one of them is deceased, then an attested copy of their death/divorce certificate will be required. Sponsors will also be required to submit proof of them being the sole caretaker for their parents, meet a certain salary and housing condition, and get medical insurance for their parents.

Family Visa Sponsorship by Female Residents

For female residents, the process is slightly more complicated but not impossible. Women can sponsor their husbands and children, provided that their monthly earning with accommodation is 3,000 AED. This is only applicable if they’re part of the following professions:

  • Teacher
  • Doctor (medical sector)
  • Engineer

If they’re part of a different profession, then they must have a monthly earning of at least 10,000 AED. Moreover, wives will also need to have a written agreement from their husbands for sponsoring their children. In the case of widows or divorcees, death/divorce certificates will be required.

What Documents Do You Need to Submit For Visa Sponsorship?

Procuring a family visa for your family also means you need to submit a number of important documents. These include:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificates of children
  • Death certificate of spouse (if needed)
  • Divorce certificate (if needed)
  • IDs of each family member
  • Income certificate/evidence
  • Housing evidence
  • Health insurance

Get all your relevant documents attested before for sponsoring your Family Visas! Benchmark Attestation Services is an attestation agency in Dubai that offers document and certificate attestation services.