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Apostille Marriage Certificate UK

Moving to the UAE is all fun and games until you’re asked to submit your marriage certificate and you find out that it isn’t valid in the Emirates. This is where you need an apostille marriage certificate.

What Is An Apostille?

An apostille is a type of attestation of official documents. It’s a certification of authenticity and is used in countries that are members of the Hague Convention. An apostille is a way to confirm that the seals and signatures on important documents such as birth certificates are legitimate copies of the original documents.

The UK is a member of the Hague Convention. The UAE, however, is not. This means that your UK marriage certificate will need to be attested through the legal process acknowledged and accepted in the UAE. Your document needs to be verified by both the foreign ministry of UAE as well as the one in the UK for it to have the same legal effect. As a result, you’ll need to have your marriage certificate “legalized” which serves the same purpose as an apostille would.

UK Marriage Certificate Attestation for UAE

The act of attesting or legalizing a marriage certificate is approving or witnessing the document. This is done by the authorized persons and authorities who add official seals and signatures to the documents. These additions certify that the marriage certificate is authentic and officially recognized in the UAE.

In this case, your UK marriage certificate will need to be legalized from the UAE Embassy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the relevant authorities in the UK.

Why You Need an Attested UK Marriage Certificate In UAE

Moving to the UAE comes with its share of cultural differences and different legal obligations. One of them is the UAE law on unmarried couples living together. According to law, this is illegal. Thus, if you’re caught living with your spouse without having the legal documentation certifying it, you’ll be prosecuted.

This is why to be able to live with your partner legally in the UAE, you need to legalize your marriage certificate as per the requirements. In addition to this, you’ll also need your official (attested) marriage certificate for various other purposes such as when you’re:

  • Applying for a spouse visa
  • Applying for a family residence visa
  • Applying for your child’s passport
  • Applying for child adoption
  • Filing for divorce
  • Applying for your child’s school admissions

With a legalized marriage certificate, you won’t face any issues when going through these procedures. Since your marriage certificate will be officially recognized by the government of UAE, you’re unlikely to face any legal consequences because of it.

What Documents Will You Need for the Process?

For the legalization and attestation of your UK marriage certificate, you’ll need:

  • Your original marriage certificate
  • Clear passport copies of both spouses

At Benchmark Attestation Services, we help individuals legalize their UK marriage certificates for further use in the UAE. This helps them get the permit they need for work, business, academic, and personal issues. It also fulfills a legal requirement.