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Certificate Attestation Services in Dubai

The best certificate attestation services in Dubai

Certificate attestation in the UAE is a mandatory procedure to validate the authenticity of degree certificates and other personal documents. When applying for a UAE employment visa, the Ministry of Labour mandates that all educational credentials—academic or professional—issued outside the UAE must first receive attestations from the UAE Embassy in the country of origin and then additional authentication from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE. Document attestation is a procedure to confirm the validity of the seal and signature on certificates issued within the UAE or abroad.

Navigating the complexities of document attestation can be a daunting task for individuals and businesses alike. In Dubai and Sharjah, cities known for their vibrant economies and as hubs for cultural and administrative activities, the need for professional certificate attestation services is more critical than ever. Whether it's for educational, personal, or commercial documents, certificate attestation verifies the authenticity of your documents, making them legally recognized in foreign countries. Here's why you should consider professional attestation services in Sharjah for your document verification needs.

Attestation of Birth Certificate

What categories fall under the process of "assessment"?

  • Apostille Services
  • Certificate Attestation

What do apostille services entail?

An apostille, a term originating from French meaning "certification," is a form of international verification akin to notarization in domestic law. It outlines the method by which documents from one member country of the Apostille Hague Convention can be authenticated for legal use in all other member countries. The Apostille process specifically verifies the authenticity of the document's signature, the authority of the signer, and the official seal without validating the document's actual content.

What is certificate attestation?

Certificate attestation refers to the verification process of a public document's signature and seal. An officer in the consular section of an embassy or consulate typically performs this verification to make sure that documents issued in one country are valid for use in another. Documents intended for nations not party to the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, which does away with the need for legalization of foreign public documents, must first undergo apostille or attestation by the ministry of foreign affairs of the issuing country, then legalization by the consular section of the destination country.

Do my documents need an apostille or certificate attestation for use in the UAE?

For documents to be used in the UAE, they generally require certificate attestation rather than an apostille. The UAE is not a member of the Hague Apostille Convention; therefore, documents intended for use in the UAE must go through a formal attestation process. This entails verification from the ministry of foreign affairs of the country issuing the document, legalization by the UAE Embassy or Consulate in the country of origin, and finally attestation by the ministry of foreign affairs of the UAE.

Benchmark Attestation Services offers comprehensive assistance in obtaining certificate attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UAE Embassy in your home country, promising timely service at competitive rates. We specialize in facilitating MOFA attestation in as little as 24 hours. A network of qualified agents and experts committed to providing a seamless attestation process supports our services in Dubai, UAE, which are available globally. Our services extend to providing UAE Embassy Attestation from over 60 countries, alongside Apostille services, catering to both domestic use within the UAE and international requirements, all at an accessible price point.

Our document attestation services include:

  • Attestation of Birth Certificates
  • Attestation of Marriage Certificates
  • Attestation of Degree Certificates
  • Attestation of Divorce Certificates
  • Attestation of Experience Certificates
  • Attestation of Salary Certificates
  • Attestation of Medical Certificates
  • Attestation of Transfer Certificates
  • Attestation of Diploma Certificates
  • Attestation of Commercial Invoices
  • Attestation of Company Documents
  • Attestation of Power of Attorney Documents

Why choose professional attestation services in Sharjah?

Certificate attestation services in Sharjah play a pivotal role in validating the authenticity of your documents for international use. By choosing a reputable and experienced service provider, you can ensure that your documents are attested correctly and efficiently and are globally recognized. Whether you're pursuing opportunities abroad or expanding your business, professional attestation services in Sharjah are your trusted partner for all your document verification needs.

For seamless certificate attestation services in Sharjah, ensuring your documents are in order and globally recognized, turn to the experts. With Benchmark attestation services, you're not just attesting documents; you're unlocking a world of opportunities.

Securing an Apostille or Embassy attestation can be a lengthy and exhausting endeavor. Simplify this process with the assistance of our professional team. Rest easy, knowing your documents are securely handled and will be duly certified within the necessary timeframe.

For expert certificate attestation services in Dubai, reach out to our team by dialling our local UAE number at +971 4 396 1284 or contact us via our hotline at +971 52 888 4714