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Trusted Agents for Document Attestation

When you’re planning to travel, the documentation requirements for your visa will include attested copies of a comprehensive list of identification documents. Getting these attested requires you to deal with governmental agencies and these will have you making multiple runs until your job is done.

Whether you’re looking to move abroad for a job or to continue your education, there’s a lot at stake and this is hardly something you want to waste your time on. For this reason, BenchMark Attestation Services in Dubai will take on these responsibilities for you. Our agents will have your attestations completed from all the relevant authorities to facilitate your travel plans and visa applications.

For many people, the radars start going off when it comes to using a third party service to have their documents attested. A lot of times, you’re required to submit original documentation which can’t be misplaced under any circumstance. We’d like to assure you that there is no risk of us losing your documents or using them maliciously.

Our agents are thoroughly skilled and knowledgeable in the attestation process, therefore unlikely to have anything untoward happening to your personal documents. At each stage of the process, our agents will remain in touch with you and our customer service representatives will be available 24/7 to answer any questions for you.

One of our specializations includes Philippines attestations to the UAE. For your visa applications and ID requirements to be completed, you’ll be asked to get documents attested by the UAE embassy in Manila.

There are some technicalities associated with getting your documents attested by the embassy. The attestations are only valid if conducted by government approved companies and agencies. Fortunately, BenchMark Attestation services is one of these and will have these documents attested for you in no time.

Procedure and Documentation

There is a long procedure of validation and authentication before your documents can be forwarded to the embassy in Manila. This involves sending your documents through the following steps:

  • Have your documents attested by the issuing authorities
  • Forward your documents to the Department for Foreign Affairs
  • Once the DFA approves and attests the documents, get in touch with the embassy in Manila to book an attestation appointment and inform them of your attestation requirements.
  • Once you receive the documents from the DFA, get them attested by the Ministry of Foreign affairs.

Upon completion of these steps, you can then send ahead you documents to the UAE embassy in Philippines.

The UAE embassy in Manila will only accept and attest your documents if both the MoFA and the DFA have authenticated the documents. In addition to this, there are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Your submission will only be accepted through an exclusive list of companies, to which we belong.
  • You will be charged for the courier services used to send out the documents.
  • Each document that is attested will be charged separately.
  • The process takes a minimum of 7 days to be completed.

Instead of going through this arduous process yourself, get in touch with BenchMark Attestation services in Dubai for a quick fix to your Philippines Certificate Attestation needs. Our agents will make sure that we follow the procedure to the dot and have your attested documents back to you at the earliest.