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UAE Embassy Attestation

From start to finish, document attestation is a complex and time-consuming task. The concerned parties need to have a brief knowledge and understanding of the entire process and which government department to contact on the basis of the type of document(s) which need(s) to be attested. This is why many individuals and organizations look to hire professional document attestation services to ensure they meet all requirements and to expedite the entire process.

Types of Documents which Require Attestation

The types of documents which require attestation are divided into 3 categories depending on their nature, shared characteristics and the relevant government department which needs to be contacted for getting them attested. They include;

  • Educational Documents
  • Non-Educational Documents
  • Commercial Documents

The type of document is used to determine which government department needs to be contacted by the concerned party in order to get the document in question attested.

Criterion for Document Attestation from the UAE Embassy

There are certain pre-requisites, requirements and determining factors which need to be kept in mind before sending the document(s) for attestation. These include;

  • The type of document which needs to be attested.
  • The country of origin of the document.
  • The country requesting the attested certificate.
  • Ensuring the documents sent to the respective government departments for attestation are legal, complete and issued by a state-recognized institution.

Government Departments Involved in the Document(s) Attestation Process

Since the UAE in not a member of the Hague Convention, the document(s) attestation process is slightly lengthy and includes the involvement of the 4 types of government institutions during the entire process. These are;

1, The relevant Home Affairs department or relevant authority which was responsible for issuing the document which needs to be attested.
2, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of origin of the documents.
3, The UAE Embassy located in the document’s country of origin.
4, The final step is to take the document to get attested from MOFA in the UAE.

Process for Document Attestation from the UAE Embassy

The entire process of document attestation by the UAE Embassy can be divided into 3 steps;

Step # 1
Depending on the type of document as mentioned above, the following government institutions need to be contacted;
1, For Educational Certificates: The concerned and authoritative educational department of the state which issued the certificate.
2, For Non-educational Certificates: The state Civil Status department which issued the certificate or the Home affairs Department.
3, For Commercial Certificates: The Chamber of Commerce of that country.

Step # 2
After the relevant issuing authority has attested the document(s), they are then sent to the Ministry of Affairs of issued country for further authentication.

Step # 3
After being attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the document is sent to the UEA Embassy in the country for legalization.

Step # 4
And to complete the process, you need to attest it from MOFA in the UAE.

You can follow the above-mentioned procedure yourself or hire reputable and affordable attestation services that expedite the complete process of document attestation for you. Benchmark Documents is one such reputable name which provides quality document attestation services which you can depend on and provide timely delivery of your attested documents!