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Securing a Job in Dubai: Attestation Requirements

Planning to tie the knot in the UAE? Great decision! Home to some of the most beautiful cities on Earth, this Middle Eastern oasis is a glamorous wedding destination as they come...


Notary Basics: Understanding Authentication Certificates and Apostilles

If you’re traveling to a Hague member country and are requested to have your documents authenticated or apostilled, there are several things you should know about the process. When getting your notarized documents apostilled or authenticated...

Degree Certificate Attestation

Securing Your Future in the UAE with Degree Attestation

The UAE has provided thousands of job opportunities to people across the world. With many big names across various industries operating here, the UAE certainly has a lot to offer. The recently launched multi-entry...


Differences between Apostille and Attestation You Need to Know

Certificate attestation is an essential aspect of settling down abroad. There are several reasons for this – the most common one is to prove that your certificates are authentic. Every country has its own rules and regulations to...

Degree Certificate Attestation

Degree Certificate Attestation: What You Need to Know

Relocating to a foreign country is a troubling and daunting task, and all your troubles usually start with getting your documents certificated. Attestation is the process of analyzing the genuineness of your...

Attestation of Birth Certificate

Choosing the Right Attestation Service in Dubai — Some Useful Tips

Among the list of things that you need when travelling abroad are attested certificates. Attestation refers to authenticating your valuable non-educational, educational and commercial documents required for purposes like employment, business, immigration...

Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate Attestation Services in Dubai- Why Do You Need One?

Did you know? Birth certificate attestation is required for foreign nationals to apply for a residence visa in the UAE...

Attestation In the UAE

Indian Document Attestation in UAE- What Do You Have to Do?

Are you planning on moving to the UAE? Have you got your documents attested? The United Arab Emirates requires all its immigrants (including Indians) to get their documents attested before they enter the country...

Marriage Certificate Attestation

Marriage Certificate Attestation in Dubai

Marriage certificate serves as an official proof and record that two people have undergone a marriage ceremony and have a legal union. A marriage certificate is issued by the concerned authority...

Attestation In the UAE

UK Attestation Services in Dubai- What Can We Do?

Did you know? Foreign nationals are required to get their birth certificate attested in order to apply for a residence visa in the UAE. This little law proves to be...

US Certificate Attestation

US Certificate Attestation in Dubai

If you wish to use the document issued in the U.S.A in the UAE, you need to get them verified and attested. The government of the UAE doesn’t recognize any document...

Certificate Equivalency

Certificate Equivalency UAE

Certificate Equivalency in the UAE is the process of verifying and assessing the value and authenticity of a foreign educational qualification against the UAE's education...